the entrance ins in one of the brand-new Skritns tunnels the open up as soon as girlfriend defeat the banditns in ns area.if doing this living Story thing (seeds that Truth), ins will certainly display girlfriend wright here ns entrance is Due to the fact that it is important for the plot.

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Sorry, i combined uns the 2 areas. Right here is her answer:In Picarotop top scrape (the Cavern next to the WayPoint), tright here is an occasion wright here girlfriend have to kill bandits. ~ that, a gate will certainly open and show you stairs going down to a large cave:

it is a where ns waypoint is.

ns main wiki explains exactly how girlfriend get there:

founding from Camp Resolve, walk north-west towards north Shelf and then east to Picaroon Scratch. Go down the stairs along ns eastern Wall and also climate west through ns Cave till girlfriend reach Drydock Grotto Waypoint. If the door in ~ the stairns is shut, you"ll have to finish journey ns bandits the end the skritt region (80) first.

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