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well from ns route just external that sootopolis,ns thsquid 128, friend simply need to surf to the right and also then swns uns a waterloss and also climate you"re there. Well you need to walk through Win road, yet there"s a Pokemtop top facility right there for this reason ins shouldn"t it is in too hard if friend have sufficiently trained your Pokemon

not just walk uns thru the waterfall. Go to ns white line bottom of it and click come be able to use waterfall. But first have to beat ns gym leader in sotopolis

Well,you fisns have to loss the gym in pacivil town or sootopolis (i forgot) and than you"ltogether recieve a HM that has waterloss and 보다 you have the right to go top top ns waterfall.( friend need to Di have come get in sootopolis )

walk to Sootopolis City. After friend awake up Rayquaza, and also Groudtop top and also Kyogre are gone, girlfriend must loss ns Sootopolis gym leader, Juan. Then, ~ you defeat him, he will certainly give girlfriend a HM (concealed machine) referred to as WATERFALL. Then, girlfriend surf native Sootopolins City come course 128, and also surf right. Climate you will watch a waterfall. Go in front that it, and also use waterfall. Then girlfriend will certainly end up at ever Grande City.



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