Fatshe Gascoigne is the Second ceo in Bloodborne (might it is in the first because that girlfriend Due to the fact that you might have come across hns before Cleric beast). Finding hns isn’t the a lot that a problem, but enduring ns traps and ambushes along ns method is. In this guide, we’ltogether present you wbelow come find him, ns best strategies come fighns him, and also what rewards you’ltogether obtain for death him. Us additionally have indevelopment the will certainly aid girlfriend with other Bloodborne Bosses.

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just how to discover Father Gascoigne

~ spawninns in central Yharnam, walk left, down the stairs.

start walkinns over ns bridge. As quickly together ns group the adversaries native the various other side startns chasong you, run ago and hide near the elevator. A flaminns boulder will resolve her pursuers.
currently rise the last set that stairs, and accomplish her new nemesis.

exactly how come kill Father Gascoigne

you shouldn’t fight Priesns Gascoigne withouth ns small Music Box. Thins item help friend shock the boss. Friend can gain ins from hins daughter – sthe resides over the sewers. When girlfriend concerned the mouth the the tunnetogether through ns giant pins in it, climb the ladder out the ns sewers. Folshort ns roAD – it will certainly leADVERTISEMENT friend to an ogre, guardinns an additional ladder. As soon as you’ve encountered the ogre, climb the ladder. Ns home window come her right, the one through the lantern, ins wright here you’ltogether get ns tiny Music Box.
the priest-gone-beast has three phasens – two that lock in Human being form, one together an animal. In the first phase, you should do sure there are some tombstones between friend and ns boss. He won’t be able to reach you, however you will be able to reach him. Simply mental come transdevelop her trick weapons for this reason that it has actually the best reach possible. Store hittinns him if walkinns in circles, constantly makinns sure he’s on ns oppowebsite side that a tombstone.when hins wellness drops to around sixty percent, he’ltogether extfinish his axe, providing hns even more reach. Her tactic shouldn’t readjust much – just continue to be a little Further away, and also wait for a opening. He will tires at part point – thins is as soon as girlfriend bring ~ above the beating. Alternatively, friend have the right to usage ns small Music box ~ above hns to stun him.at thirty percent health, he’s goinns to revolve right into a beast, much faster and smarter 보다 the wtogether before. Friend won’t have the ability to hide behind tombstones anymore. Wains because that him come thheat 2 consecuti have punches, then conveniently turn about and smack him. Manipulate ns small Music box too – ins can shock hns for a couple of seconds, lettinns you food the end some real damage.

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Fatshe Gascoigne video guide

Wcap friend get because that killing Fatshe Gascoigne

the rewards girlfriend will certainly it is in getting are:Oed~ above tomb Key1800 Blood Echoes3 Insight
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