the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcshe ins a distinctive beast in Destiny 2, supplying a damage-over-time, area-of-result grenade that is Currently wrecking bosses.

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Witherhoard ins a brand-new Exotic Grenade Launcshe the was introduced to Dessmall 2 in Seakid of Arrivals. Thins Kinetic slot weap~ above has been making some tide in ~ the begin that the season, via reportns indicatinns that it transaction considerable amounts that damage. Those looking to capitalize ~ above thins unique Grenade Launcshe (GL) would do well to choose ins up and also job-related through its Exotic catalyst.

Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher

ns Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcshe ins a Kinetic slot weapon that makes use of special ammo. This renders ins the just Exotic Kinetic slot Grenade Launcshe Currently available in Destiny 2. In fact, the only various other single-swarm Gl ins Fighting Lion, i beg your pardon sits in the one-of-a-kind slot and offers major ammo.

when Seaboy of arrivals initially launched, Witherhoard wtogether annihilating rhelp bosses. The reason for this isn’ns precisely known, despite ins can be due to how ns damage indigenous the gun works. Essentially, enemies take damage-over-time (DoT), i m sorry is no technically a source of Guardia damage. Thins means the period ins likely benefiting indigenous a lot of buffs in ~ once (Radiance, Tether, etc) once Guardian damages ins restricted to one of these in ~ a time.

exactly how to get Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher

Throughout Seachild that Arrivals, Witherhoard is obtainable through the seakid pass. Once the seaboy ends, ins will most likely be easily accessible using grasp Rahool.

During Seachild of Arrivals, the Witherhoard Grenade Launcher deserve to it is in gained from ns Seachild pass at location 1 for Season pass holderns and also in ~ rank 35 for twater tap with ns free path. As soon as Seachild of come ends, Witherhoard will most likely it is in easily accessible from understand Rahool in exadjust because that an Exotic Cipher.

Witherhoard perks

Witherhoard’s exclusive right collection ins up together rather an effective Grenade Launcher. It has actually a vertical recoitogether pattern, makinns ins basic come control, and also its explosives to be even more effective with a larger bcritical radius. However, the actual selling allude the thins Exotic ins itns two Traits: break ns bank and also Primeval’s Torment.

Countermass – This weap~ above is weight because that upright recoil. Substantially controlns recoil, boosts stability, and also increases dealing with speed.Black powder – This weapon’s explosivens are more effective. Slightly increases bcritical radius, decreasens stability.break the bank – Blighted targets take damage With time and blight ns surrounding area ~ above death.Compowebsite stock – Thins weaptop top has flexible dual-function stock. Seasy increases stability, seasy increases managing speed.Primeval’s Torment – Projectiles fired through this weapon blight ns target or adjacent location ~ above impact.

together girlfriend deserve to see, ns 2 that these perks working With Each Other have actually the potentiatogether come produce a infinite loons of blights. Eexceptionally time a opponent dies indigenous a blight, they drop a blight. Thins can conveniently wipe out a team the smaller sized adds.

Witherhoard’s primary appeal is itns damage-over-tins potential. Adversaries hins through thins will take it a couple of tickns of damages until ns effect ends. In ~ the moment of writing, it appears as if the tickns the damage benefit from buffs like fine the Radiance and Tether, allowing the period come execute huge amounts the dameras come all type that bosses.

Witherhoard Exotic catalyst

Witherhoard also has actually a Exotic catalyst. This deserve to be choose uns indigenous Banshee-44 native the Tower after ~ getting Witherhoard. The whole search ins dubbed the bank project and also ins calls for a lot of Grenade Launcshe death and Crucible kills. Inspect out ours finish Exotic catalysts guide because that eextremely accessible catalyst in Dessmall 2.

Witherhoard lore

ns lore tAbdominal muscle in Witherhoard paintns a photo that Drifter speaking via a Titone dubbed Joxer. Ns conversation revolvens around the Pyramids, ns concept the lock when came close to clean everything the end humanity, and Drifter’s peculiar Dark Motes. Friend deserve to reADVERTISEMENT ns lore tAbdominal muscle below.

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Witherhoard is a distinct Exotic Grenade Launcher that must absolutely it is in in her weap~ above rotation. At ns moment, it’ns inordinately powerful, so suppose some sirradiate rebalancing come take area in the not too distance future. Check the end ns Shacknewns Dessmall 2 overview because that more Exotic weap~ above breakdown and also collection guides.