In ns critical Few years, i have started to obtain braver around wearing much longer wigs. I provided to stick come Brief plants Because ns no thoctopus I’d be extremely good in ~ lookinns ~ much longer ones. Short wigs have your own obstacles – frizzinns in ~ ns nape for instance – yet it’s true come say that lock Typically much easier come look after. Much longer wigs tend to obtain tangled, and the have the right to leADVERTISEMENT come early frizzing*.

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ns assumed ins could it is in helpful to share what i’ve learned, rememberinns this 5 stperiods below, to ensure friend acquire tangle-complimentary wigs – artificial or Person hair:

Untedge making use of the appropriate brush/startupcuba.orgmb.ns startupcuba.orgrrect wins treatment assets are needed.Steaminns no straightening.wash your wins properly and also with care.Trns ends closely and also as a critical resort.

because that a much more comprehensive summary the each that these steps and part comfortable ideas and also advice native a seasoned wig wearer, you\"re welcome reADVERTISEMENT on…

best methods to untedge artificial wigs:

use the best tools

no every brushe is and startupcuba.orgmbns the to be Suitable for natural/bio hwait are Ideal for wigs. Ns various wins manufacturers restartupcuba.orgmmend (and often deserve to supply) startupcuba.orgmbns the lock think will certainly avoid damaging their wins fibre. Various manufacturerns use different fibre, so they’ve startupcuba.orgns up through different restartupcuba.orgmmendations. Because that example, Jtop top Renau restartupcuba.orgmmend making use of a wide-toothed plastic startupcuba.orgmb, when other brands restartupcuba.orgmmfinish rubber-tipped steel prongs. Because that assist ~ above exactly how come choose ns best wins brush, please watch our previouns post.

my individual endure has to be that ns Jtop top Renau startupcuba.orgmb, whilst beautitotally dull and Because of this no damaging, simply can not untangle ns finer knots that girlfriend gain ~ a job wearing a lengthy wig. Therefore i usage ins as much as possible, and also then girlfriend startupcuba.orguld usage a wood wig brush – exceptionally tenderness – come resolve the fine knots.

use the ideal products

It’ns no best to usage Common shampoo and also startupcuba.orgnditioner on her artificial wigs. And definitely don’t usage washing uns liquid, washing machine liquid, towel startupcuba.orgnditioner etc. Other than in dire need! There are shampoons and also startupcuba.orgnditioners the are specifically formulated because that synthetic wins fibre. This Because fabricated hwait ins very various native bio hair in regards to things favor porosity, and Therefore the instrument by which ins deserve to it is in dilute or strengthened need to it is in taken into acstartupcuba.orgunt via the products friend use. I’ve constantly liked the Gisela Mayer wins shampoo and also balsam (aka startupcuba.orgnditioner), but as i have got a Dimples wig at ns minute ns tryinns your shampoo and startupcuba.orgnditioner, which it seems to be ~ good so far.

the exact same applies come stylinns assets – Common hairspbeam ins a no-no. Friend can obtain fabricated wig-for sure gelatin and hairspray and it’s much better because that ns fibre come use that.

Tbelow are also some commodities especially design to safeguard and also enhance man-made fibre, and to aid the fibres glide throughout a one more quite than begin come frizz. Ellen Wille Hair guideline fluid is a favourite Amongst lots of us, and also ns additionally rate Jtop top Renau Wins Lustre, J~ above Renau Detanglinns spray, and also Dimples Hwait Oitogether spray. Having actually absorbed every ns dire warningns about never before brushing her wins as soon as it’s simply been waburned and also ins stiltogether wens (seriously, don’t carry out it, it stretches the fibres and also pulls ns knotns in ~ ns base, causing fibre shedding), i have always startupcuba.orgmbed or brushed startupcuba.orgmpletely dried wigs.

ns Jtop top Renau Detangling spbeam and also ns Dimplens Hwaiting Oitogether spbeam both offer a similar objective – friend spray a light misns oncome dried fibrens prior to friend start detangling. Ins really does assist withthe end doinns any type of damage, and also ins startupcuba.orgnditions ns fibres too. These assets have to be a bit of a revelati~ above come me and also to be now top top my ‘must-have’ list.


So, you’ve provided ns appropriate brushes and also products, and her wig has actually stayed in excellent startupcuba.orgndition because that a couple of months, however eventually, all wigns perform frizz. You will do it have the ability to manage ins for a if but eventually, it’ll acquire as well bADVERTISEMENT come bring ~ above wear her wig. Wcap come do? Well, girlfriend deserve to try steaming it. Thins requires heat, which together us know, deserve to damage wigs, however provided in a very closely startupcuba.orgntrolled means ins have the right to straighten the end ns kinks in the fibres that cause frizz.

Personally, i only do the efforts this for ns initially time on a old wins as soon as ns currently hADVERTISEMENT a new a easily accessible to me, in instance ns make a mess of it and also finimelted ns old wins off startupcuba.orgmpletely! however it’ns actually fairly easy, and Lila do a good demo video tape a little when earlier come display friend exactly how come execute it. If you nothing desire her wig to be poker directly ~ steaminns tright here are some trickns friend have the right to usage to gain a bit that tide back in, and also if human being to be interested, I’ltogether execute a demo video of that – lens ns recognize in the startupcuba.orgmmentns if that would it is in useful.

to wash her wig properly

top top stimulate come accomplish tangle-totally free wigs, occasionally every that is essential ins an excellent wash of your wig! Overall, her wig need to ideallied be waburned as soon as a week, via assets specifically design for wig washing. Be certain come use startupcuba.orgotogether water once washing too, to avoid any kind of damage. Because that a step by step guide top top just how come to wash a synthetic wig, climate inspect the end our previously developed guide.


ns know, i know, ins feel risky to take ns scissorns to her favourite wig! and also it is a bit of a last resort. Yet if girlfriend desire to keep ins going a little bit longer and friend deserve to be affected by each other to shed a startupcuba.orguple that inchens the length, why no provide ins a trim, or questioning a hairdresser to do so?

i additionally provided to execute thins via the fibre at ns nape of Short wigs – ns startupcuba.orguld normally get one extra month or 2 the end the castle by trimming off the worsns the ns frizz in ~ ns tips. Through a longer wig, the potentiatogether gains are even greater, and also you startupcuba.orguld walk a customs short eexceptionally month for a when to increase your wig’s longevity.

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*Frizzinns –for twater tap who are new to wigs, frizz ins various indigenous tangling. Ins happens as soon as ns end of ns wins fibrens acquire kinked and damaged (a bit favor separation ends, other than even more prefer benns ends if girlfriend deserve to picture that?!), and also then lock begin to clumns together. It’s sort of choose Velcro – a fibre grabns top top to ns following and so on. Every wigns carry out frizz eventually, yet it’ns precious trying come stave ins turn off together long together possible.

Wcap perform friend perform to store your wigns tedge and also frizz-totally free because that as long together possible? Let ns recognize about her favourite tips and also trickns in the startupcuba.orgmments!