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Folshort these procedures to link With Each Other two or even more prims:

If you are no in ns object Editor already, right-click any type of object and choose Edit, or open ns Editor with Ctrl-3.via no thing schosen in the editor, host down Shift and click on each prns friend great come attach together, one in ~ a time. Make the Many important prim and/or scripted prns (root) ns last a girlfriend select (such as the seat of a vehicle).Then, walk come the Tools food selection and also select Link, or simply press Ctrl-L.girlfriend have the right to select Tools->Unlink or press Ctrl-Shift-L to break the thing apart.

be conscious of the adhering to limitations:

A connected thing canno exceed 54 meters in any kind of dimension.Generally a linkset deserve to have as much as 256 prims; sit avatarns count together one prns each.Vehicles, or any type of physics-enabled object, canno have actually even more than 32 prims (sitting avatars don"t count toward the physics prns limit).Tbelow ins no nesting of linked groups. In various other words, if you attach a third thing to two objectns currently linked and also climate unlink them ins will no yield 2 groups however three.

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connect come commentShto be on various other sitesUnlink or press Ctrl-Shift-L to rest the thing apart. Be conscious that the adhering to limitations: A linked object canno exceed 54 meters in any dimension. Typically a linkset can have actually as much as 256 prims; sit avatars counting as one prim each. Vehicles, or any physics-allowed object, cannot have more 보다 32 prims (sitting avatars don't counting towards the physical prim limit). Tbelow ins no nesting that attached groups. In other words, if friend link a third thing to 2 objectns already connected and then unlink them ins will not productivity two teams yet three. " data-webShareUrl="">even more share options...