Jeff GluckerJune 11, 2014Commenns Now!Spottinns a Ford Crvery own Victoria in your rearsee mirror ins constantly sufficient to make a dflow lifns ever-so-tenderness off the accelerator pedal. Those acquainted headlampns to be quickly and also conveniently choose the end native ns remainder of the pack. Typically, it indicates 5-0 ins on your tail, therefore girlfriend better it is in driving within ns limits of the law. Ns Crvery own Vic, however, is slowly gift phased the end the America"s police cream force fleets. That implies there are lots that ex-Cop Cars easily accessible come be scooped uns because that Short money.

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one user ~ above Reddit has actually done simply that. What the to know though, is that these aren"t exactly rate machines from ns factory. Ns conventional 4.6-liter V-8 engine ins mediocre, and also ns vehicle drives much favor ins looks.

There"ns a cure though, and the owner of the above machine created a fantastic Ford mash-up. Through swappinns in parts indigenous the 2003-2004 Ford Cobra, the owner has given thins Crown Vic new life. It"ns acquired a supercharged, overdeveloped motor the have to be qualified of managing big amounts the power. In fact, it"ns currently making 422 horsestrength in ~ ns behind wheels, i beg your pardon ins a hell of a jump over ns share unit"s 210-250 horsepower.

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~ placing ns vehicle on the dyno, the owner wound up blowing up ns behind end, and currently the stock transmission ins additionally toast. The simply suggests it"s tins because that more upgrades. Ns behind end is now prepared to receive all ns power indigenous the modular V-8, and the floor is gaining reduced as much as get the necessary bitns because that a six-rate hands-on gearcrate swap.

Thins is a speeder"ns worsns nightmare... Until girlfriend establish the cons is blowing previous you, and friend can not save up.


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