In Illustrator, i am tryinns come make my text blarger by adding a hit come it. Ns stroke ins the very same shade as ns text, however once conserving together SVG, the punch ins taken into consideration sepaprice indigenous it, including uncrucial code. Is ins feasible someexactly how come do a letter with a stroke only a object? say thanks to you exceptionally much.

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select the textselect type > produce Outlines from ns menu (Note: text will certainly no much longer be editmay be li have form after ~ this. Work ~ above a copy if friend have to have message editmaybe for later on use.)select thing > Expand also appearance from ns menu (if available)pick thing > Expand from the food selection (if available)Click ns unify or hold together buttons top top the Pathfinder Panel (not the impact menu)

ns would certainly perform a seasy various thing indigenous Scott.. I would certainly not Placed one Rundown on the text, and also go:

form -> create outlinens


thing -> course -> balance out path

that offers you a couple of options, and you deserve to choose exactly how a lot more thick friend want the text:

This need to provide friend one xml-File that ins manageable:

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