Hello scientists and also alchefog that Touch Tap beat! us are here this day with a tiny minns guide top top the wonderful scientific research Video Game bit Alchemy 2. Friend may have already began her chemical trip and also developed a bunch the different amazing materials and items, however girlfriend may it is in wondering just how to create a couple of items in particular.

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Today, we will it is in talk around among the Eco-friendly energy generators in the game, the wind turbine! us will display friend ns exact alchemine path to produce it, therefore lens us jumns right right into ours guide top top how come do a wind generator in little bit Alchemy 2!

producing Electricity

come make ns wind turbine, girlfriend will require steel and electrical items, plus probably a residence or two. To begin off, we to be going come require stone, i beg your pardon ins developed through combine earth and also pressure.

Earth is a beginning material, therefore you do no need to problem around that. To produce pressure girlfriend must eitshe combine two airs or oceans together.

as soon as girlfriend have stone, ns following step is add in something spicy! incorporate stone and also fire and friend will create metal.

ns next step is come give ns metal some juice. First, combine two fires Together come develop energy. Following we will have to make lightning, i m sorry is a tiny more involved.

first off, integrate 2 earths With Each Other come produce land. Incorporate the land via earth and girlfriend will finish up through a continent. Integrate two continents Together and also you will have yourself a totality planet, i beg your pardon deserve to incorporate via fire to do ns sun!

produce one more planet and incorporate ins with a stone come create the moon come go hand-in-hand with ns sun. The sun and moon Together produce sky. Mix ns sky with part water and also you will certainly have actually a cloud.

combine ns cloud via energy and girlfriend will gain lightning, climate to lug it every Together combine the metal via lightning and friend have actually electricity, one component that the wind turbine.

(This little Alchemy 2 guide was initially publimelted on Touch Tap Play)

producing Windmill

to Placed ins every Together us will require a building that part kind that have the right to it is in powered by wind. To begin off us will certainly have to incorporate two stones Together come create a wall. Wall surface deserve to additionally be produced by combining 2 bricks, which are developed by including fire come mud.

combine two walls come develop a house. The ins one part of ns windmill, which is a lons more easy than electricity. Following up is wind itself!

producing wind is easy together ins involves two materials that friend already developed in the past: air and also pressure. Incorporate those two and friend will finish uns with wind.

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combine the house and also wind and friend have yourme a windmill, ns final item to ns puzzle!

Finalize ns Wind Turbine

all that is left come carry out is to slans windmill and electricity together, and also tright here girlfriend have it: her incredibly own bonafide wind turbine!

for this reason what can girlfriend perform through a wind turbine? Well, friend deserve to include some air come ins come turning back develop electricity. Friend have the right to additionally include ins come an airplane come produce a helicopter, or you can include it to a car to make an electric car.

There you have actually it! currently friend recognize how to produce a wind turbine in little bit Alchemine 2. We expect friend discovered this guide useful, and also we will certainly be earlier with even more guides ~ above the Video Game for this reason continue to be tuned!