A tile marker plugin has actually been included i beg your pardon permits you to to mark arbitrarytiles by holdinns Change and also choosing "Mark". The mite are saved through yourclient settings, and work also in instances.

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Agility shortcuts throughthe end ns Game are now highlighted, and also ns agilityplugin now highlights markns that grace:


A fairy ring area plugin was included i beg your pardon speak you ns location fairy ringsto be configured to:

one entity hider plugin was included i beg your pardon lets friend hide other players and also nComputers fromview.

Tbelow has been a big effort to fix and also exactly all of the clues indigenous thecluescroll plugin. I suppose a couple of more releases prior to it ins solid, however itneed to no longer suggest in ~ random objects anymore.

Tright here to be additionally a number of smaller sized improvements and bug fixes, including:

opponent details have to no much longer sometimes present "null" for enemy namens infoboxes now have a configurmay be wrap limit, and also deserve to be configured tostack vericallied instead.assistance for sgreat bracallows have actually to be added come ns sclass pluginthe MLM plugin currently just reflects veins ~ above ns same floor as you arefix note plugin to textwrapinclude kingdom that misc. To screenshot pluginns length Xp globes to be displayed is currently configurablesolve client resizinns itself when ns plugin panel ins broke down and ns clientis maximizedshade Hp xp dropns once prayinns too if Xns dropns to be split"Actions Left" has to be included to Xns globes


- Adam

new commits

we hADVERTISEMENT 26 contributors this release!

Adam (22): ge plugin: usage ask Jogger for financial institution query perspective: use LOCAL_COORD_BITns in getTileelevation and record that parameter to be regional coordns Remove unvital groupdIdns that to be equivalent to ns paleas Resurname startupcuba.org api artifact come startupcuba.org-api Resurname runescape apns artifact to runescape-api adjust pushingpixelns groupidentifier to be under net/startupcuba.org Upday cache-server test to usage cache 165 as well overput renderer: settle npe once client is nultogether devtools: show circumstances location information add gring mite plugin brick mixin: don"t fire itemlayer adjust occasions when loading regions update inspect service: set a lower affix timeout add command executed event runescape-client: resurname pendingVarbitChanges/counting devtools plugin: include commands to acquire and set varbitns idle notifier plugin: use wildcard import for animation idns runupstream config: include place come confins items infobox overlay: Connumber ns amount of boxes every row nPC mixin: transform nCOMPUTER in getName/getCombatLevel/getid nPC indicators: fix npe structure nPCs Reverns "unify pull research #1886 from deathbeam/cleanup-sidebar" xp tracker service: settle stalemate gaining connectionsCtogether valve Dongen (1): Sclass plugin: added assistance for slayer bracelets.Gabriel (2): resolve and also add a few medium proviso procedures deal with anagram, cryptic and emote tool ideas (#1876)Gamer1120 (1): only render mining spots on same floor in MLM.

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Fixes #1642grant Dellar (1): adjust JEditorPane to JTextAreaHypoxiaOSRns (3): screenswarm plugin: include Kingdom screenshot include rune and also addy dragtop top sgreat symbols (#1725) fix gnons agility arena emote clueHåktop top Rosseland Paulsen (1): xpglobes: include duration the xns orbs in configInfinitay (2): kingdom plugin: just show favours when in kingdom include fairy ring pluginJeremy Plsek (5): clientui: don"t update dimension if currently maximized geplugin: develop inPut listener class geplugin: rearea deerror activity when pressing alns extended mode: pass extended modifierns ~ above click highlight agility shortcutsJeroen (2): included a idle alert for as soon as crushing infernal eels. Add assistance because that colored Hns xns dropns if Xns dropns are break-up and a combin ~ prayer is activeJerwuQu (1): allow customizatitop top of barrows brvarious other location colorsJordone Attimber (1): fix Canifins emote clueKamiel (4): readjust regen meter arc position and dimension come enhance via orb backgring draw pclass indicator clone icon More amethod native player surname add VarClientmrs come apns and rename VarClient come VarCliencolor change gring mite plugin to usage schosen region brick coords insteADVERTISEMENT the basing them off the mouse locationLevns Schuck (1): kind Fishinns spotns by street native cameraLotto (2): cluescroll-plugin: group items variantns + screen as soon as come unequip items include reality hider pluginMantautas Jurksa (2): cluescrole plugin: remove tagns from reservation message settle Barbaric chest and also abbons langley proviso stepsReasel (1): add dropdvery own for font Format for in-Video Game overlaysRheon-D (1): agility plugin: include highlighting for markns the graceRune Nielsen (3): clue plugin: settle simple and medium cryptic and emote ideas (#1726) IdleNotifierPlugin: add significant net fishing IdleNotifier: include infernatogether harpoonSamlof (1): add more take a trip menu swap choices and claim slime swapSeth (3): overput util: remove white Outline top top minimap dotns barrows overlay: Restimulate enum come match in Game overlay/usage full name barrows overlay: Rearea existing slain brvarious other overplace via our ownSomeZer0 (1): settle heart tree cryptic clue stepTomas Slusny (8): add ago assistance for consistent overloADVERTISEMENT (NMZ) stronger visual indicators because that MLM bag do no usage thing people areas do ObjectClueScroll extend LocationClueScroll fix startupcuba.org-clienns shadinns Rerelocate unvital password from GroundMarkerPlugin resolve herbiboar performance/blinking Cleanup sidebar expanding/closingtrees (1): include spiritual eel and also Barehand Fishing (#1857)Valmir Memeti (1): include "Actions left" for Xns globesWooxSolo (2): settle cannon cannonball count fix 2 emote clues