ns heard the if there is a chord composed favor x/y then that suggests an x chord through y in ns bass. Thins have the right to be played by play x normally, however then playing ns y Note top top ns sixth string, correct?

then what around G/B? B on ns sixth string ins ns very same as ns B on ns fifth strinns second fret. That Note ins already play in a ns chord. Therefore doens the Typical the every notes reduced than that Note to be omitted?

below is a perform of methods to play G/B. The only one that provides feeling come ns ins 7. 1 is very equivalent come 7, other than insteADVERTISEMENT of play B on the Second string D is played. Will not the sound different? exactly how deserve to these 2 be ns same chord?


You"ve quite much acquired it figured out.

If girlfriend reADVERTISEMENT G/B as "ns end B" it renders sense that your shortest Note needs to it is in a B. Tright here is nothing the says what strinns ns B has to be played on, just the ns ns chord hregarding be over B. So, girlfriend deserve to voice ns chord up and also dvery own the neck, and keep ns lowest Note a B.

once thins ins yes, really necessary ins as soon as there"s a relocating heat in the harmony and is a B at the point.

when arranging for a team I"d regularly let a etc disregard that voicing if ns hADVERTISEMENT various other instruments the to be relocating the harmony line already. It simply relies ~ above exactly how solid that note/harmony requirements to be in the overall sound of ns band.

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And, for the theory of it, it"ns yes, really a ns chord in initially inversion.

In the G/B chord you pplace a Regular g through B together a bass. The implies that ns lowest Note girlfriend have ins a B. Because a ns chord has the note ns D and also B friend have the right to pput a g chord indigenous any kind of place together lengthy as friend play B as a bass.

together girlfriend can watch in all ns Instances indigenous her link ns shortest Keep in mind is constantly a B. The is additionally why friend leaving the end ns sixth string indigenous your Regular g chord. Girlfriend will still have a higher ns as well as a greater D in ns very same chord, yet now ns bass Keep in mind ins a B insteADVERTISEMENT of a G.

Chords to be made out the at least 3 various notes. A ns significant chord ins g B D. Ns various chord position will sound a little various however ns harmoniens are the same, and also Since girlfriend are only play g B and D it will stiltogether it is in a g chord.

Everya else over has speak about the concept related to this question, however here"ns a actual G/B chord voice the might assist friend out.

-x--8- (4th finger)-7- (third finger)-5- (first finger)-x--7- (2nd finger)...wbelow ns root is top top ns D string (wbelow your initially finger is).


one of ns functions the a cut chord ins to make ns base relocate stepwise. So it friend do not have actually a base player, girlfriend can desire come look at in ~ ns voicings that ns surrounding chords also come make ns base relocate as desired.

In thins example, withholding ns content the this chord and ns progression, thins provides the Many feeling together ins normally highlamp the IV chord motion.
an excellent example that ns G/B chord, i m sorry illustprices why ins problem which Note ins in ns bass, is ns Main progression/riff indigenous "Blue ~ above Black" through Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

the riff startns on a D chord through ns base Keep in mind moving briefly dvery own to C and also climate back to D. Ns next chord is introduced through a "walk" uns the A string, play ns note A, B, C come lastly form a C9 chord. ~ thins comes the G/B chord, so the base lines moves down by just a semitone, quite than going all ns method dvery own come G, for this reason ins creates a much more melodic transition prior to it changes to a consistent g chord.

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together a result, you can watch the the x/y notati~ above is a good concise means the describinns wcap ns bass heat must sound like, or indicating passing notes in between chords, or just creating different harmonic effects. You"ll notification that G/B sound a bit even more tense and unresolved 보다 a continual g chord, also despite it"ns based approximately ns very same 3 note ns B D.