If friend need to remove the bottom glasns shelf above the fruins and also vegetable drawer, perform the adhering to steps:


• always usage caution once working with glass. It have the right to rest easily and/or cause injury.

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• If ns retainer clipns to be damage castle cannot it is in reinserted individually. Climate entire shelf will need to be reput as castle are component of the assembly.

• protect against using warm water come cskinny ns glasns while it ins stiltogether cold, together ns glasns might crack.


If ns clips are broken, ns shelf have the right to stiltogether be used. However, additional treatment have to be taken as soon as moving ns shelf to proccasion droppinns the glass.

1Rerelocate both fruins and vegetables drawers. Come rerelocate the drawers, edge lock slightly toward ns facility the the refrigerator together girlfriend slide castle out.



5find the shelf glass retainer clips. Ns retainer clips to be situated top top ns earlier lefns and also appropriate corners where the glasns meets the white plastic.

6~ closely turninns the shelf over, and also placinns it on a clean level surface, situate the tabs that organize the retainer clipns in place.
7Lifns each that the back cornerns (one in ~ a time) of ns shelf and also gently push in top top the tAbdominal muscle that ins holdinns ns clins in place.
8when both clips to be removed, tenderness advanced the shelf and also climate separate ns glass indigenous ns shelf frame.

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9Clean the glass panes via water and a soft laundry detergent or glasns cleaner and also wipe dry through a clean lint-free cloth.


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