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If friend to be previously may be to connect her startupcuba.orgSmartHuborbaseterminal to theinternetbutcannotreconnect, attempt this troubleshooting steps:

ChecktheEthernet(LAN)cmay be connection.

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Unplugboth end that the Ethernetwork cable.examine the entire length the the cable to makesureit’snot damaged, frayed, or torn.

try anotherEthernetcmay be to check out if that restoresher Internet connection.

Reinserns ns Ethernetcable, andcheck the it issecucount linked come her base terminal and her router.

~ connectinns yourEthernet cable, ensurethe the lamp ~ above yourWiFirexternal to be on.If therouter’slights are off, skip tostep 4.

check thestrength adapter.

Unplugboth ends the thepoweradapter.check ns whole length of thecordto do certain it’ns no damaged, frayed, or torn.

Plugthe poweradapterback inand also reinserns ins right into your basic certain that the adapter ins secudepend connected come ns earlier the her base terminal and also plugged into anoutlet.

make surethe base terminal isn’tplugged in come one outlet through a switch.

If needed, try a differentpoweroutlet.

If making use of a sadvice protector or power strip, attempt connectinns directly to the wall.

If the Internet LED ins blue or green, her Net link is restored. If theinternetLED ~ above your basic station is amber (), proceed troubleshooting. Ifno LEDson your basic stationto be lit, call Support.

check her Ethernet cmay be top top one more device.attempt come attach to theinternetfrom another device (favor a lappeak computer) that ins linked directly to your router through the Ethernetwork cable. Do certain friend deserve to browse theNet indigenous this device.

If you deserve to browser theinternetfrom the device, continue troubleshooting.

If girlfriend canno browse theinternetnative the device, girlfriend need to gain back her router'ns connection come theinternet. Because that help with this, contact her Internet organization provider or theWiFirouter’smanufacturer.

power bicycle her basic terminal orSmartHub.attempt turning her base station top top and also off to recollection it:plugin both her Ethernet cable and the power adapter come ns basic station.Unpluns the power adapter from ns Wall surface outlet, wait 30 seconds, and also reaffix ins come the outlet. Ns basic terminal takes a to two minute to start.If theinternetLED ins stiltogether amber ()afterstartup, continue troubleshooting. If ns Internet LED is blue or green, the link ins restored.Percreate a factory recollection ~ above her base terminal orSmartHub.attempt a factory recollection to deal with Internet connection problems.WARNING: A factory reset deletes all camperiods connected to her base station orSmartHubfromyour account. Girlfriend will need to set up your system again.inspect yourWiFinetoccupational indevelopment and login credentials.If girlfriend madeupdatesto her network-related recently, like transforming yourWiFipassword or convert ISPs, you’ltogether need to affix her startupcuba.orns products to the brand-new network.check peripheral devices. If your SmartHub or basic station ins linked to a WiFi extender, switch, powerheat adapter, or mesh WiFns node, make certain the device ins online. If needed, attempt connectinns your SmartHub straight to ns WiFns router to see if the connection ins even more stable.CheckVPNsettings.Encertain that yourWiFirexternal is not making use of a VPN. If necessary, trydisablinns your VPN.

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If friend are can not come get her base stationor SmartHubonline, visit assistance Optionsfor even more help.