how perform i rotate off the Minehandmade 1.7.2 super secret settings? i tried F3 and F4, hitting Esc repeatedly, every points mentioned on blog – nopoint is working.



pushing F4 (or perhaps Fn+F4, relying on your keyboard) will recollection ns shader come deerror withthe end having actually come check manually in ns F3 screen, and also withthe end needing come reloAD ns world.

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pushing F3 will certainly present you the shader the ins used. Store thins debuns information on once going through the Super key Setups come view wcap they"re referred to as and once they are rotate turn off (tright here will not it is in any type of information about ns shader once it"ns off).

girlfriend have the right to click ns suevery key Settings end and over to cycle through them randomly – one will certainly be normal.

just save spam click the super secret setting. Ins would Ultimately walk back to ns Typical setting.

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This is rather old however this hasn"t to be pointed out therefore why not? for the future viewerns of larger posts in need that information:

i i found it that once i hit F5 and cycled through ago come ns FPns view, it hAD recollection the shaders. Thins could have actually simply to be ~ above among ns sub-version yet ins was yes, really useful to know when castle still hAD them.

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