Thins tutoriatogether will show friend step by action how to revolve a video clockway and counterclockway permanently.

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how to turn a video in home windows 10

home windows 10 comes via a built-in videotape editor, and also friend deserve to usage thins video tape editor to perdevelop basic video modifying tasks, including rotatinns videos.

1. click ns start food selection button and also then click videotape Editor.


friend have the right to likewise kind video tape editor in the windows search bar and climate click videotape Editor once ins appears.

Or friend deserve to also click on the begin menu button and also climate click on Photos. The videotape editor is also developed right into the Photos app.

2. click on the new video Project button in the top left corner.


Or click on new video in the upper ideal edge and climate click on new videotape project.

A “surname her video” window will appear.

3. form a surname because that her brand-new videotape project.

4. click ns OK button.

5. click the + Add switch in the job library area in optimal lefns corner.

6. click on indigenous thins PC.

a little “Open” home window will appear.

7. Wislim ns window, friend walk to ns video tape friend want to rotate.

8. select the video.

9. click on the Open button.

ns windows 10 video tape editor will certainly currently loADVERTISEMENT her video tape file.

10. Right-click on ns video tape and also then click on area in storyboard.

you can also select ns videotape and then click on location in storyboard.


11. come rotate the video, you click the

turn switch under the ptestimonial player. Store click ns revolve switch till you acquire ns desired result.

12. when you"re da editing ns video, girlfriend click on end up video in the top right corner.


A “finish your video” home window will appear.

13. choose the quality.

14. click the Export button.

A “conserve as” home window will appear.

15. select a area on your computer system where you desire to conserve the new video.

16. at Documents name, friend deserve to Go into a surname because that ns brand-new video.

17. click on the Export button.

ns windows 10 videotape editor will now exharbor her new video.

how to rotate a video utilizing Shotcut

Shotcut ins a complimentary and open-resource cross-platform video editor because that Microsoft Windows, Linux, and also macOS.

Shotreduced website

1. open up Shotcut.

2. click open up File in ns peak lefns corner.


A “open up File” home window will certainly appear.

3. Wislim thins window, friend walk come the videotape friend want come rotate.

4. select ns video.

5. click on ns Open button.


the video will certainly begin play immediately. You deserve to pause ns video by clicking on ns pause switch below ns video.

6. traction the videotape to the timeline.


7. click on Filters located in the height menu.

8. click on the + button.


9. click Video.

10. click on Size, position & Rotate.


11. in ~ Rotation, you can revolve ns video tape by using the bar or entering the levels (e.g., 90.0, 180.0, 270.0).

12. as soon as you"re da editing ns video, you click Export at ns top.


A “Export” dashboard will certainly appear.

13. In ns Presets section, girlfriend choose a video format.

14. If you desire more advanced settings, friend click on ns Advanced button.

15. when you"re done, girlfriend click the Export File button.


A “Exharbor File” home window will appear.

16. select a area top top her computer system where girlfriend desire come save the video tape file.

17. in ~ Documents name, friend kind a surname for the video.

18. click the Save button.

Shotreduced will now export your new video.

you can watch the progress in ~ Jobs located in the height right corner.

exactly how to revolve a video using Filmora

Filmora ins a user-trusted videotape editor for Microsoft windows and also macOS.

I"m using Filmora because that editing and enhancing videos because that my Youpipe channel.

Filmora website

1. open up Filmora.

2. click Import and also then click on import Media Files.


A “Open” window will certainly appear.

3. Within this window, girlfriend walk to ns videotape you want to rotate.

4. choose the video.

5. click the Open button.


6. traction ns video to the timeline.

Or hover via your computer mouse cursor on the video tape and climate click ns (+) button in the Middle of ns video.

7. Filmora will currently asking girlfriend if girlfriend want come change the project"ns Setups come complement this media. I recommfinish picking the same reEquipment and also frameprice as ns Original video.


Note: you have the right to additionally discover a task Settings button listed below the video pevaluation player.


8. click on ns video to choose it.

9. click on the modify button.

10. Expand Transform.

11. girlfriend deserve to revolve the videotape making use of ns slider, or friend can Go into a degree (e.g., 90, 180, 270) in ns box/area beside the slider.

12. girlfriend deserve to additionally flins the video.

13. as soon as you"re da rotatinns or flipping ns video, you click ns OK button.

Alternatively, friend have the right to additionally turn ns video through right-click ns videotape and also then click revolve 90 CW or revolve 90 CCW.


14. as soon as you"re done modifying the video, girlfriend click on ns Export button in ~ the top.

A “Export” window will appear.

15. choose a video format.

16. kind a surname because that her video.

17. in ~ save to, girlfriend can view and also change the area on your computer where Filmora will certainly save ns new video. Come adjust thins location, click on ns little folder icon.

18. If girlfriend desire more advanced settings, you click the Settings button.

19. once you"re ready, friend click on the Export button at the bottom ideal that the “Export” window.

Filmora will now exharbor her video.

a small window will show up and right here girlfriend have the right to view the progress.

Filmora will certainly also pplace a sound as soon as ns process is complete.

how come rotate and save a video clip utilizing VLC media player

VLC media pclass is a cost-free and open-resource cross-platdevelop multimedia player for Microsofns Windows, Linux, and macOS. Ins playns Most video tape and also audio files, and also ins provides many additional features, like, because that example, convert videos.

VLC website

1. open and pplace the video in VLC media player.

you have the right to right-click on ns videotape and then click on Pput through VLC media player.

Or if VLC is her default media player, then friend can simply double-click on the videotape to play it.

2. as soon as the video tape startns playing, girlfriend click ns pausage switch to pausage it.


3. click on Tools situated in the top menu.

4. click on results and Filters.


A “Adjustmentns and also Effects” home window will appear.

5. click on videotape Effects.

6. click on Geometry.

7. check the checkbox alongside Transform.

8. click the schoice menu switch and pick a option (e.g., rotate through 90 degrees, turn by 180 degrees, etc.).


friend can additionally check ns checkbox alongside Rotate and then rotate ns video tape manuallied utilizing her mouse.


9. click the Save switch in ~ the bottom of ns “Adjustmentns and also Effects” window.

10. click on ns Close button.

11. click Tools located in the peak menu.

12. click Preferences.

A “Preferences” home window will certainly appear.

13. In the bottom left corner the ns “Preferences” window, you"ll watch a display settings option. Here you click the All option.

A “progressed Preferences” window will certainly appear.

14. In ns lefns menu, girlfriend go to Streto be output.

15. Double-click Sthe end stream to expand also its options.

16. click Transcode.

17. check the checkbox beside video tape transdevelopment filter.

18. click on the Save button in ~ ns bottom the the “progressed Preferences” window.

19. click on Media in ns top lefns corner.

20. click Convert/Save.


A “open Media” home window will appear.

21. In this window, girlfriend click on the Add button.


A “choose a or a lot of files” window will certainly appear.

22. In thins window, you walk come the video tape friend want to rotate.

23. choose ns video.

24. click on ns Open button.


25. click on the Convert/Save button in ~ ns bottom the the window.


A “Convert” home window will appear.

26. at Profile, you click the schoice food selection button and also choose video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4) or an additional video format.


27. click on ns tools switch next to the proData schoice menu button.

A “ProDocuments edition” window will certainly appear.

28. click video tape codec.

29. examine ns checkbox next to ns store Initial video tape track option.

30. click on Audio codec.

31. examine ns checkcrate next to the keep Initial audio track option.

32. click on ns Save button at the bottom the ns window.

33. In ns “Convert” window, you click on ns Browse button.

A “conserve file” home window will appear.

34. choose a area on your computer wbelow friend want to conserve the brand-new video.

35. in ~ Data name, you kind a name because that ns video. Do sure come give ins a different surname together ns Original video.

36. click on the Save button.

37. when you"re ready, you click ns Start switch in ~ the bottom that ns window.

VLC media player will now develop her new video.

girlfriend deserve to view the progress at ns bottom of VLC.

38. once the video tape is complete, girlfriend click on Tools located in ns height menu.

39. click on Preferences.

40. click the Recollection Preferences switch at the bottom the the window.


41. click on ns OK switch come confirm.

exactly how to rotate a video making use of FFmpeg

FFmpzb ins a cost-free and open-source cross-platcreate Solution come record, convert and streto be audio and videotape on Microsofns Windows, Linux, and also macOS.

FFmpeg website

~ above Linux, FFmpzb is simple to install Because it"ns obtainable in ns deerror repositoriens and software program centers the many type of well-known Linux distribution such together Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, MX Linux, Fedora, and also many kind of other Linux distro"s.

I"ve do a tutorial because that installation FFmpeg top top home windows 10, here (connect opens up in new tab).

1. open up ns fenlarge where the videotape ins that girlfriend want come rotate.

2. open up a Command Prompt window (Windows) or Terminal window (Linux) in ns folder.

top top home windows 10, you click the attend to bar of File Explorer, type cmd, and the press the key top top her keyboard.

~ above Linux, you right-click in the flarger and climate click open Terminal Here.

Or friend click File in the top left corner and also climate click on open up Terminal Here.

In the Command also Prompns or Terminal window, friend form (or copy and also paste) among ns commands below and also climate press ns vital ~ above her keyboard.

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ns following command also will rotate a video by 90 degrees counterclockway and also flip vertically:

ffmpeg -i input-video.mp4 -vf "transpose=0" output-video.mp4Note: don"t forobtain come relocation input-video.mp4 with the filesurname that your video, and output-video.mp4 through ns preferred surname for the new video.

the following command will certainly revolve a video clip through 90 levels clockwise:

ffmpeg -ns input-video.mp4 -vf "transpose=1" output-video.mp4ns complying with command also will turn a video clip by 90 levels counterclockwise:

ffmpzb -i input-video.mp4 -vf "transpose=2" output-video.mp4ns following command also will certainly rotate a video clip through 90 degrees clockwise and also flins vertically:

ffmpzb -ns input-video.mp4 -vf "transpose=3" output-video.mp4the following command will certainly turn a video clip by 180 degrees clockwise:

ffmpeg -ns input-video.mp4 -vf "transpose=2,transpose=2" output-video.mp4☕ purchase me a coffeeperhaps you"re additionally interest in: