as soon as ns initially began utilizing last cut Pro, every little thing wtogether a blur. Ns no understand exactly how come add text come my projects, exporting wtogether complicated, and also ns hADVERTISEMENT no concept just how to conserve a task in final cut Pro. However, after learning exactly how to use it, ns figured that this is among the most basic points you deserve to think of. 

Unlike many other video editing and enhancing programs, last cut pro no offer friend ns Classic “Save” button and no give girlfriend a warninns when you leaving the regime withthe end saving. Thins happen Due to the fact that ins automatically saves girlfriend occupational by itself. However, tright here to be a few things friend have the right to execute to acquire more control over the whole saving process, for this reason stop take a look at them!

Deactivate ns Autosave

Obviously, this is not recommended, however friend can perform ins by following ns following steps:

1. Uncover ns Library Properties

girlfriend can access thins menu by going to “Files” and also picking “Library Properties.”


2. Discover the StorEra locations Button

~ girlfriend open up the “Library Properties,” friend can view around five options come ns appropriate the her screen. In stimulate come deactivate the autosave, you need to discover the “StorAge Locations” section and also click on “change Settings.”


3. Choose “do not Save” top top Backups

~ this Setups are chosen, last cut agree will soptimal saving your projects, therefore make sure to save lock yourself!


If you decision come stop the autosave, girlfriend should constantly remember to save your work, i beg your pardon deserve to get overwhelming. InsteAD that doinns this, you deserve to use thins small trick:

Whenever girlfriend want come not conserve one edit you simply made, click “Command+Z.” the recent modify will it is in turned off indigenous itns memory, and also girlfriend can simply proceed native there. 

Fast save her Projects

What ns should point out is that thins isn’t a alternative to save her work, but come exharbor a really tiny videotape Documents to review. 

1. Go to “Files” and select “Share”

This is how girlfriend start ns export procedure in last cut Pro.

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2. Choose “master File”

In thins window, you have actually every kinds of alternatives friend have the right to play with. You deserve to choose a different codec and format, and likewise how big her Documents ins goinns to be.


3. Go come “Settings” and readjust ns videotape Codec

last cut agree supports quite a lot of various codecs, however because that a Quick preview, you interested in picking ns a with the smallest dimensions — H.256.

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4. Testimonial and also Save

after ~ girlfriend make her edits, you can view exactly how significant her Documents will certainly be and also itns expansion in ns bottom right corner. All you need to do currently ins click “Next,” pick the place friend want ins to it is in saved, and you’re prepared come go. 

final cut pro ins quite intuiti have and also carriens ns same processes apologize has supplied because that part tins now. Happily, currently you understand exactly how come save in final reduced Pro, and also likewise exactly how girlfriend deserve to customize it because that her very own needs.