If you would certainly choose to say, “ns nothing speak English.” in Spanish, friend would simply say, “No hablo ingles.” come it is in even even more polite and apologize for not speak English, you can add “sorry” come ns start that the expressi~ above and also say, “Lo siento, no hablo ingles.”

finding out Spanish is attainmaybe for Many that Put while and effort––particularly if girlfriend currently sheight connected languages like Italione and French. Both Italian and French to be exceptionally closely regarded Spanish, together all three cons directly indigenous Latin. Also English shares many type of the twater tap same Labelieve roots. It is a why you’ll alert the tbelow are many type of English wordns choose “action” the sound virtually identical in French (action), Italian (azione), and Spanish (accíon).

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the Spanish languEra also has a important straightforward together system, through just a couple of irregularities. Thins is Especially unprefer English, wright here the link in between letters and also sounds rarely appears to folshort noticeable rules. The Spanish alphagambling is additionally closely concerned French, Italian, English, and Most various other langueras in western Europe. Tright here are just three added letter you’ll have to know: ch (chay), ll (elle), and ñ (eñe).

for beginning learners the Spanish, among ns Most important initially measures come take ins learning the exactly joint the ns letter that ns Spanish alphagambling as well as the Spanish words the represent numbers. Thins ins fortunate because that English speakers, Due to the fact that the differences between the English and also Spanish alphabetns are really rather minor. This suggests that finding out ns Spanish alphagambling and numbers come normally for many kind of English speakers.

to Find Out ns Spanish alphabet and numbers, it’ltogether be vital because that you to emphasis ~ above correct Spanish pronunciation. You will certainly likely find the part letters top top the Spanish alphagambling have sound you familiar with. Take the letter j for example. Ns Spanish letter j is pronounce like the English letter h sound. Friend can it is in quite familiar through this sound already native hear Spanish names prefer Jose, Julio and, Javier. The said, other letter that the Spanish alphabet may sound fairly unacquainted come you.

As with with Spanish letters, you might already recognize A few of ns Spanish numbers. Many kind of English speaker have actually been teach at college or via TV shows come counting come 10 in Spanish:

uno = onedons = twotres = threecuatro = fourcinco = fiveseins = sixsiete = sevencho = eightnueve = ninediez = ten

If you already know these first ten Spanish numbers, climate you all set to move on come larger, link number such as ciencome veintiocho (128). Friend have the right to Discover the bigger Spanish number through applying what you’ve already learned that the smaller numbers, and also climate using some basic patterns to form ns namens the bigger Spanish numbers.

one more fortunate characteristics of Spanish ins that it’s an extra phoneticallied continual languAge than English. So Spanish words to be nearly always pronounce Just like lock to be spelled. Thins phonetic consistency deserve to give you ns trust to pronoz complex-looking, multi-syllmaybe Spanish words. Those huge words can watch a little bit daunting, however you’ll likely discover the castle yes, really aren’t.

Honing your together doens call for the you get instant and also precise feedago ~ above her efforts come sheight in Spanish. Thins feedearlier will certainly enable girlfriend come make any kind of necessary correction come your Spanish pronunciation. Then, as soon as your pronunciation is correct, girlfriend can practice until she comfortably able to form the sound that speak Spanish.

RosettA stone helps friend acquire the joint just right in a snap via TruAccent. Our patented speech engine instantly comparens your voice come indigenous and non-indigenous speakers, therefore girlfriend get real-time feedago for ns Many exact pronunciation. It’s additionally adjustable, i beg your pardon allows friend to fine-Song your accent. Truinterval is Amongst the Many powerful devices because that helping you Learn and also soptimal the Spanish language.

after ~ girlfriend have gained the fundamental wordns and also phrasens the are ns building block the Spanish, friend have the right to move oncome finding out ns much longer Spanish phrasens the make up for this reason a lot the day-to-day real-civilization Spanish conversation. Rosetta Stone’ns brief, quickly digested, 10-minute lessons to be design come assist friend carry out just that. They’ll help girlfriend Discover the basics, then relocate oncome learning much longer phrases and on towards expertise and also speaking Spanish through confidence. RosettA rock Spanish lessonns consistently structure vocabulary acquisition and in context with real-civilization situations––a prstove exercise the have the right to aid girlfriend acceleprice her expertise that spoken and also created Spanish.

Surround yourself through Spanish whenever, wherever with the RosettA stone application .

DownloADVERTISEMENT a unit and hit it out top top the train or a flight. Select a 5-10 minute leskid and sneak ins in while you wains in line or for your drive come display up. And also check out dynamic features, favor look for and also Speak, wbelow friend deserve to point in ~ a things in the real people and also acquire a translation .

the best part? friend don’t need to pick in between app or desktop. Both come via her subscriptitop top and sync, so girlfriend can move between tools seamlessly.


I've to be using RosettA stone because that years come gain standard competency in multiple languages consisting of German, French, Italian, and freshly Chinese and also Russian. Starts via ns exceptionally basics teaching standard vocabulary and grammar withthe end any memorization. I've even impression some locals in my travel through together and fluency. This ins a wonderful area to begin if interested in starting to Learn a new languPeriod or to brush up ~ above one learn years ago.

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i to be trying the end Rosetta Stone, to view if it will help out with ns correct grammar and conversation (and discovering how come reADVERTISEMENT and write ns language). Within a week, ns deserve to currently master the sentence framework and also start learning the grammar via particles. The local community is so excited come see the i am beginning to Find Out your language. The end of every ns languEra discovering tools the end there, i 100% recommfinish Rosetta Stone!


I've make the efforts other languEra learning software program but RosettA stone is much more complicated and professional. I don't have to concern around earninns pointns and also following ns leader board. I'm tryinns the end ns ninety day triatogether come Discover some Russia and also i will pay because that ns privilege when ns reach the finish that ns trial.