Objects in ns score—together as notes, measures, articulation etc.—can it is in selected in numerous ways: (1) a at a time, (2) together a constant range, or (3) together a list.

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Schoice is invariably used prior to using regulates such together delete, copy/reduced and paste, transposture and also therefore on.

select a solitary object

Most score objectns deserve to it is in selected by sindicate clicking on castle in Common mode.

choose a single note

Note: picking a solitary Note climate copying and also pasting it, will only copy and paste ns pitch—not duration or various other nature (together together stemless). Come copy ns entire note, including all properties, you need to host dvery own Shift—as because that chord schoice (below).

choose a chordchoose a solitary measureclick a empty Space wislim the measure.

Note: come choose a range the consecutive measures, view Change selection and also Change + click selection (below).

choose one overlappinns element

come pick a aspect native a group the overlappinns elements:

hold Ctrtogether and click till the preferred facet is selected.

select a consistent array of objects

Tbelow are a number of methods come choose a continuous selection that notes, chordns or measures etc.:

1. Shift + click selection

come choose a selection the notes or rests:

click on ns initially Keep in mind or rest in ns range;push and host Shift, then click ns critical wanted Note or rest.

Note: the final selected element have the right to it is in in the same staff or in staffs above or listed below ns initial note/rest. Every selected aspects will certainly be enclosed in a blue rectangle, including linked lines and also articulations (but no voltas). You have the right to repein ~ ns procedure come extend ns schosen variety as required.

choose chord symbols, text and so on (as the version 3.5)

as of MuseSmain point 3.5, ns Change + click approach has actually to be polished come make ins easier come choose a continuous variety that itemns together together chord symbols, lyrics and so on for example:

click on the initially chord symbol in ns wanted range.Shift + click ns last chord symbotogether in the range.

Result every chord signs in that variety are selected, and nothing else.

choose a range that measuresclick on a blank Void in ns first wanted measure;hold down Shift, then click on a room in ns last meacertain of the wanted range.

Note: Just like picking notes, the variety deserve to be extended verticallied and horizontally.

2. Change selectionclimate choose one of ns adhering to options:to advancement the selection a chord in ~ a tins to ns right: push Shift+→.come advance the schoice one chord in ~ a time come the left: push Shift+←.come development ns schoice a measure at a time to ns right: push Shift+Ctrl+→ (Mac: Shift+Cmd+→).come development ns selection a meacertain in ~ a tins come the left: press Shift+Ctrl+← (Mac: Shift+Cmd+←).to breakthrough ns selection to the start that ns line: press Shift+home (Mac: Shift+Fn+←).to development ns selection come the end the the line: push Shift+finish (Mac: Shift+Fn+→).come extfinish the selection come ns beginning that the score: push Shift+Ctrl+residence (Mac: Shift+Cmd+Fn+←).to extfinish the schoice come ns end the ns score: press Shift+Ctrl+finish (Mac: Shift+Cmd+Fn+→).3. Drag selection

This strategy deserve to it is in provided come choose note or rests, or, independently, to pick non-Keep in mind icons such together staccato dots, text etc.:

push and host Shift, then drag the cursor throughout ns wanted range.4. Select All

Thins strategy selectns the whole music smain point consisting of notes, restns and associated elements. Use among the adhering to options:

push Ctrl+A (Mac: Cmd+A).from ns menu bar, pick modify → pick All.5. Pick section

Thins strategy ins used to select a section—a region of ns score starting and/or ending through a area break:

click a north Void in a meacertain in the section;native the food selection bar, choose edit → select Section.6. Schoice Filter

ns Schoice Filter permits friend incorporate or exclude, particular kinds the facets wislim a variety selection. Watch Copy and also paste: Schoice filter

choose a perform of objects

come select a list (or disconsistent range) that smain point elements:

click on the initially element;organize down Ctrl (Mac: Cmd) and also successively click on the desired added elements.

Note: This method cannot be provided come pick measures. Use singles or selection selection instead.

modify a existing schoice (together that variation 3.5)

girlfriend can likewise use ns Ctrtogether + click method come include to, or subtract from, one existing selection. For example:

do an option in the smain point using any of the techniques above.to include a non-selected element to the selection, press Ctrl and also click on it. Repein ~ as required.to rerelocate one already-selected aspect from ns selection, push Ctrtogether and click it. Repein ~ as required.

select every similar

come pick every elements that a details type (e.g., all barlines, every text elements, all staccacome markings):

click the initially object the ns type that facet you want to match. Then shift-click ns critical equivalent facet girlfriend want included. This creates a list Schoice the consists of ns clicked element, the shift-clicked aspect and all comparable facets in-between. NOTE: If girlfriend shift-click on a dissimilar facet climate just that element become selected. If you use this approach on note or restns you"ltogether invoke a range Selection.

— OR —

Right-click on the type of element friend want to complement and pick Select… indigenous the contextuatogether menu;several choices will certainly show up in the submenu:every comparable Elements to pick all equivalent elements in the whole score: Right-click the element; climate pick choose … every comparable Elementsevery equivalent elements in very same Staff come select all equivalent aspects wislim a particular staff: Right-click the element; then pick choose … every equivalent aspects in exact same Staffall equivalent facets in variety Selection: NOTE: Thins just uses if a range has to be selected. Within an establiburned variety selection, right-click ns facet girlfriend want to match similarly; climate choose all equivalent facets in selection SelectionMore...

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: opens a dialog that lets girlfriend fine-Tune even more options. For example, if you have actually a noteheAD selected, ns dialog will certainly look something choose this:

Dialog: pick / More... Selectexact same pitch: only noteheads the ns exact same pitch will certainly it is in selected;exact same string: (tablature only) selectns fretmarks on very same string.same duration: only notetop the very same term will be selected;exact same Note name: Noteheads of the surname in all octavens will be selected;very same staff: only notetop on ns same staff will certainly be selected.same voice: Selectns every notes of same voice.In selection:very same system:ActionRearea selection: ns default option—starts ns selection from scratch;include come selection: Keepns everything girlfriend have already selected, and also adds the existing schoice come it;search in selection:Subtract from selection: save whatever you have actually currently selected, yet takes away the current selection.

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