approach 1: readjust Playback Ratetechnique 2: CTRL-Trimstrategy 3: Insert Velocity Envelopetechnique 4: slow motion Effect

periodically girlfriend just require a change.

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In thins case, we Average a readjust in speed! Many kind of movie utilizeslow-moving motionfordramatic effector tomake action sequences cooler and even more intense.Othair useQuick motionto provide the impression oftins passingor forgoofy comedyprefer old-Style Keystone Kops movies. Whatever the factor you desire come adjust her playago speed,vegas Prohas friend covered through arobust toolset because that slfan or speeding up video. Friend have the right to go also Additional bymaking time operation backwardns for playful and dramatic effect.

In thins tutorial, fine first cend somebasic concernsaround altering playback speed. Then, we’ll get right into thedevices easily accessible in las vegas Pro. We’ll folshort these steps:

Method1:readjust Playago Rate


Method3:Inserns Velocity Envelope

Method4:slow-moving movement Effect

once we’re done, you’ll have actually aexcellent knowledge that just how come slow-moving or rate uns footEra in vegas Pro. ReAD on to uncover out more!


when slowing or accelerating footage,it’s constantly a good principle come remember wcap video tape is. Video is agroup that stiltogether images play earlier in rapid Sequence to give ns illusion the movement. As soon as slfan or increasing footage, youadjust ns price at i m sorry the photos to be playedback, for this reason ins can havemassive aftermath top top ns smoothnesns the ns motion.

Slowing Dvery own Footage

as soon as girlfriend sluggish footage, you’re slfan ns price of images to run past your eyes.every separation, personal, instance photo continues to be tright here longer, sothe slower girlfriend go, ns more the a possibility that the lingerinns images might begin to look at staggered and choppy. Thins is specifically true that slower frame price footPeriod like24 or 25 fps(and to a lesser extent, 30 fps).It’ns often tough come obtain good, smooth slow motion indigenous reduced framework footage.greater framework price footAge prefer 50 or 60 fps or better has much less that a opportunity that seeming choppy, depending upon exactly how much you slow-moving it, yet it also has ns potential because that ns very same thing.


increasing Footage

increasing footEra is a lot less the a concern.Many professional-levetogether camages market variable framework rates, interpretation girlfriend have the right to create sluggish motion or Rapid motion straight in ns camera and also there’sno must sluggish ins dvery own or rate it up in post.If you’retaking care of it in post, you’re Many most likely dealing with Common footEra the a conventional frame rate, like 24ns or 30p or 60p, and you’ll need to store the over pertains to in mind.

Planninns aheADVERTISEMENT helps

ns best method come achieve a speed change, particularly slow motion,ins come fins the new reliable framework rate that the footEra same within the frame rate that ns project. In short, you desire the brand-new speed of the footPeriod come result in whole framens gift displayed.A standard strategy that achieving good, smooth sluggish activity in a 24 fps task is to shoot 60 fps and climate slow it dvery own to 24 fps in post.Thins works fine Due to the fact that if yousluggish 60 fps 2.5x, or 40%, the efficient frame price ins 24p. Soevery 60 fps structure matchens a 24 fpns framework ~ above ns timeline, and there’s no need to drop frames, interpolate frames, or resample frames. Each frame is offered whole, so ns result is glass-smooth slow-moving motion. Ns very same ins true if girlfriend slow 30 fpns down to 80% playearlier in a 24 fps project. The outcome ins milder slow-moving motion, but it’s additionally perfectly smooth. It’s definitely much smovarious other than friend would have the ability to gain slowing 24 fpns footage.

changing rate approaches in las vegas Pro

Many that the methods for altering speed in vegas agree indicate resampling frames. Ssuggest put, vegas pro analyzes and blends existinns framens because that intermediate procedures in between frames. It renders brand-new frames byblfinishing old onens together. This canlead to double-imeras or ghostinns in frames, yet it’s necessary to achieve altering playearlier speeds.

If girlfriend usage ns approach above ofslowing 60 fps or 30 fpns footEra in a 24 fps project, youdon’t want resampling, you want totality frames. So in the instance, dismay be resampling. More on the in a bit.

Interpolatinns frames suggests producing entirety brand-new intermediary framens together if castle were recorded by the camera in ns initially place.Tthis is no blfinishing of frames, so there’s no dual imAge or ghosting, and also each structure is crisp. Together fine watch later, theslow activity effect makes use of thins strategy because that smooth sluggish motion.

changing rate IN las vegas PRO

las vegas pro uses a number of methods come rate up or slow-moving dvery own footage. Fine take it lock in order of sophistication.


approach 1: readjust Playago rate

Thesimplest and Many precise way to speed uns or slow-moving dvery own motionins tochange its playearlier price in ns Media Properties. Thins technique provides it especially the kind of smooth slow-activity we defined above, together we’ll watch in a moment.

drag a video clins come the timeline. Once the pop-up box askns if you want to concreate ns task nature come the media properties, click Yes.

Right-click ns videotape event. ChooseProperties. In the properties box, Keep in mind thePlayback Ratetoward the bottom. At default, ns Playback price ins 1.000, or Normal speed.

Click the uns or dvery own arrowns alongside the Playago price value. Ns playback rate changes in increments that .001. Thins is helpful if friend want to do incredibly ethereal transforms in speed, such as once you utilizing PAL-frameprice footEra in a NTSC-framerate timeline, and also should concreate the footAge simply enough come fit. Because that noticeable speed changes, an increment that tiny could take it all day, sosimply kind in a number. Because that example,2.500 speeds up footPeriod 2.5x, while.250 cuts the playback come one 4 minutes 1 speed, or a 4x slowdown. Thepreferably rate value allowed is 4.000, or a speedup the 4x,and also theslowest worth allowed is .250.

altering the Playago Rate, friend have the right to speed uns or slow-moving down ns footAge by as much as 4x.

choose 4.000, accelerating the Playback rate 4x. ~ above ns timeline,Note 3 points around ns video tape event.

the videotape eventhas no adjusted length, yet ins currently has3 loop points. Ns 4x rate increase suggests theexpression that the videotape is currently ¼ of wcap ins was, yet Since the videotape occasion go no change size ~ above the timeline, las vegas agree looped ns media ago come ns beginning. It walk ins 3 times, and together a result, the video tape playns four time in ns expectations of the video event.

Within ns video tape event, there’s awavy line, indicatinns that ns speed has changed. Theeven more you rise the playback rate, thetighter ns wavebecomes. If friend slow-moving ns playearlier rate, ns wave becomes much wider.

✓Keep in mind also thatns audio occasion ins unaffected. The audio walk no increase speed and vegas go not loop it. Click ns left edge the ns videotape occasion and push Play. Ns videotape plays earlier at 4x speed, but theaudio playns earlier in ~ Typical rate and also ins not syncedcome ns video.Click ignore event Grouping.

you deserve to simplydelete ns audio event. Select the audio event and also push delete.

Or girlfriend canconcreate the audio to ns video. First,trns the videotape so it no much longer repeats. Choose the video occasion andtrim ns appropriate edge inward until ins snaps in ~ the first loop point. Then,holdinns CTRL, trns ns appropriate edge that ns audio event till it breaks in ~ the appropriate edge that the videotape event. As you trim,the audio wavedevelop compresses, and when it’s snap right into place, the audio ins accelerated and isnow synced via ns videotape event. Fine check out a bit more about CTRL-Trim in a later on step.

✓Theprocess functions because that slowing videoas well, simply in reverse. Drag an additional circumstances the ns same video tape clins come a later allude top top the timeline. Right-click and pick Properties.kind a worth the 0.500 right into the Playback Rate, cut ns playback rate in half. On ns timeline, ns videotape occasion has no changed length, however a more comprehensive wavy line ins presented on the video event. Again, ns audio event has not changed. Via overlook occasion group still activated,trns the ideal leaf the ns video occasion come ns appropriate until ins breaks at ns loop point. The length that the video occasion is now doubled, however the entire video clip ins now displayed.CTRL-trim ns best edge the ns audio occasion and also traction ins to ns appropriate till ins breaks through ns end of ns video tape event. Ns audio waveform follow me out, and the audio ins now slowed and also synced through ns video.

now stop look atslfan 60 fpns in a 24 fpns timeline. Produce a new project. This time,set ns job nature come a 24p project, utilizing a template or simply changing ns project frame rate to 23.976 and the field stimulate to Na (Progressive).drag a 60p clip to the timeline. Once the pop-uns crate asks if you desire come conform the project properties come ns media properties,click No.

Right-click ns media event and also select Properties. Beside ns playago rate, a crate shows up which saysConcreate to task frame Rate.

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Click ns box.