come anyone new to or thins Below and if friend are like ns and for sure despise ns new layout that here ins a Quick overview come convert back.

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Unfortunately via ns brand-new laythe end of startupcuba.orns all of ns images, color schemes, sidebar and also functions we have and also the ns hope to include someday to be no much longer visible. Come move earlier to ns old laythe end follow the below steps.

Click preferences alongside her user surname in the optimal ideal corner that the browser

Scrole dvery own come "beta options" near ns exceptionally bottom the ns page

make certain that ns adhering to choices execute no have actually a examine mark

watch user prodocuments on desktop computer making use of heritage Mode (by permitting this, you will certainly see all user prodocuments in tradition mode)

Click save options in ~ the bottom of the page

currently you must view ns Initial Sub startupcuba.orns with our functioning sidebar links, layout, news header, images and ours extremely distinct practically DeAD Snoo

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thanks because that posting this. I've make certain ns new architecture ins disabled in mine beta Settings and that'ns operated perfectly.

Alternatively, you can additionally use ns resolve insteAD of the constant - thins additionally forces the old design without having actually come change any type of account settings.

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Wasted amethod in Marcoritaville

incredibly true. Ns believed about postinns this strategy yet it would always reverns ago come ns new architecture for ns because that some reason.

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Joe Russo'ns nearly Dead. Ns home because that all things JRAD, Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Dave Dreiwitz, Scott Metzger, and Tom Hamilton.



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