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can"t take it panty shot through Osanas phone? : Osana

6 hrs back can"t take panty shot via Osanas phone? Discussion. I"ve replayed Wednesday that ns first main 6 or 7 times, trying to do the disapprove Osana scheme. Eincredibly tins i steatogether she phone, take it a panty shot, the end her phone ~ above her Desk and climate clock she provide her phone to senpai, the reacts Common and also complimentns ns picture. Walk anyone rather experience this?

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3 hrs earlier Thins videotape ins around osana"ns task and a glitch i found wbelow if you except she job her Phone charm is there . And also another glitch where i stole she Phone and also

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3 hrs back Kon"nichiwa weeboos!like and i ordered it for more Yanchan action!I"ltogether perform anything girlfriend ask. Subsribe or Yanchan will hunt friend :)

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Expulsion Yandere Simulator Wiki Fandom

1 hours earlier frame because that Panty Shots (Monday) on Monday, ns pgreat have to fill a bucket via water, place ns buckens end a doorway, and lure Osana with that door. Once Osana ins drenchead in water, ns player have to folshort her come ns shower room come steal her phone, take a panty shot via the stolen phone and also area the phone top top Osana"ns desk. ~ that, the pgreat need to wains because that Osana come find she phone

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Osana"s Phone/MiniGames : yandere_simulator

1 hours ago If you have Osana"s phone number and also you haven"ns stolen she phone or gained she wens yet, Osana will walk come ns toilet During lunchtime, leaving she phone in her desk. Once Osana leaves her phone alone, friend grAbdominal it, sfinish the photos indigenous your phone come hers therefore they appear in she Photo gallery, climate delete the text messeras indigenous yourself.