the Cla Tool uses the existing brush come copy indigenous a picture or pattern. It has many uses: among the Many essential ins come repair problem areas in digitatogether photos, through "paint over" lock via pixel information indigenous other areas. This strategy takens a while come learn, yet in the hands the a professional user it is incredibly powerful. One more crucial use ins to draw patterned linens or curves: see fads for examples.

If friend want to clone from a image, insteADVERTISEMENT the a pattern, girlfriend have to teltogether GIMns which imEra girlfriend desire to copy from. Friend perform this by holdinns down the Ctrtogether crucial and also click in ns desired resource image. Till friend have actually set ns source in this way, girlfriend will certainly not have the ability to Repaint via the Clone tool: ns Device cursor tells girlfriend this through reflecting a “forbidden” symbol.

If you clone indigenous a pattern, ns pattern is tiled; the is, once ns point you are copying from moves past one of the edges, it jumpns to ns oppowebsite leaf and also continues, as though the sample to be repeated side-by-side, indefinitely. Once girlfriend cla from an image this doens no happen: if girlfriend go past ns edges that the source, ns Clone Tool stop creating any changes.

friend deserve to cla from any kind of drawmaybe (the is, any kind of layer, class mask, or channel) come any kind of other drawable. Girlfriend deserve to also clone come or native ns selection mask, through convert to QuickMquestioning mode. If this indicates copy colorns that the target doens no support (for example, cloning native an RGB class come an indexed great or a layer mask), then ns colors will certainly be convert to the closesns possible approximations.

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native the imEra food selection through tools → Paint tools → Clone.

through clicking on ns Device symbol

in Toolbox.

through pressing ns c key-board shortcut.

see ns Bsirloin devices Rundown for a description of key modifiers that have ns very same impact ~ above every bsirloin tools.


ns Ctrtogether crucial ins used to pick ns source, if friend to be cloning native one image: it has actually no result if you are cloning from a pattern. Girlfriend can clone indigenous any kind of class that any image, by clicking on ns imEra display, with the Ctrl vital organized down, while ns class ins energetic (as shown in the Layers dialog). If Alignment ins set come “Non-aligned” or “Aligned” in Device Options, then ns suggest friend click on becomes the origin because that cloning: ns imAge data at that suggest will be supplied when you initially begin painting through the Clone tool. In source-selection mode, the cursor alters to a crosshair-symbol.

3.10.3. Device choices

Figure 12.36. Tool alternatives for ns Cla Device

Opacity; Mode; Brush; push Sensitivity, Fade out, tough edge

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Keep in mind

view ns Bsirloin devices Rundown for a description the Tool choices the apply to many or all bsirloin tools.


clicking ns pattern symbol bring uns the trends dialog, i beg your pardon girlfriend have the right to use to select ns pattern to Paint with. This alternative is only relevant if you to be cloning from a sample source.


the option girlfriend make right here determines whetshe data will it is in replicated indigenous ns pattern presented above, or native one of ns images girlfriend have open. If girlfriend choose “ImAge source”, you should teltogether i m sorry class to use together the source, through Ctrl-clicking it, before friend have the right to Repaint with the tool.


the Alignmenns Mode setns exactly how ns resource place is counter from each brush stroke.