Hey males i simply have a Quick Concern around the orbit trading beacon. Ns constructed one carry out i need to execute anything choose put up the share pile za from it come have Gap traders trade with me or carry out i simply wait around until among them wants to trade?


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as lengthy as girlfriend have a stockheap in it’s selection (which girlfriend have the right to see by clicking on ns orbit profession beacon) and a comms console all over (associated come power as well) trade shipns will certainly appear.

as soon as girlfriend trade through visitors, friend have the right to market anything in her home/stockheap (i forgain which).

as soon as friend trade through ns comm console, you have the right to just sell what is wislim range the profession beacons. To make the Most of this, Put your stuff (and silver) within the area making use of stockpiles.

creating caravan use home area and stockpiles, traderns use stockpile, shins use profession beacons. Caravan'ns on ns roAD redevelop soon and also girlfriend have access to everything in the map.

Placed orbit beaconns in her share piles. It’ns yes sir if castle are inside. If lock to be within itemns have the right to it is in sold by orbit trading.

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area a beac~ above somewbelow external (unroofed) however in her colony. Beacons outside will certainly have the offers purchased native orbit traderns reduce onto them.

ns also have actually a question. I Placed my orbital profession beac~ above in mine silver vault under a mountain, boughns around 5000 dissension precious that stuff and also lost the silver however never before got mine things. I figured it was Due to the fact that of the mountain therefore i alt +f4 (permadeath) to move mine beacon. Relocated ins to a open up field away indigenous my hill base and aobtain acquired 5k precious that great (components, progressed components, and glitterhuman being meds) yet just ns Components arrived. Is tright here part glitch ideal now or ins ins trying to land also my goods in my stockpile in mine vault that's 50 tilens under a mountain?