Tapped Void bar to wake up up noteBook = blue screen, Driver strength state failure, frozen on blue screen.

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various other troubles i hADVERTISEMENT via thins notePublication began a month or 2 ago.

ns purchased thins Hp 2000 NoteBook COMPUTER windows 8 64-little bit new in 2014.

addressed some problems by restore, refresh and also refresh again.

A week or 2 after ~ Acquisition i upgraded to 8.1, then i Placed ins ~ above Install Updates immediately because that home windows = just uncovered out 3 weeks earlier no home windows upday native 2014 to 2019.

task Manager memory 72% = resolved = deleted Hns associated remote service memory.

task Manager decaying 100%

Error 0x80070490

Error 0x80070057

have the right to no open home windows update.

i have been trying come deal with troubles because that 2 or 3 weeks.

might of been various other troubles don’t remember. Ns should start a PC difficulty Diary.

ns acquiring worn down the tryinns come solve PC problems.

See more: The Kids In The Hall Cabbage Head, Bruce Mcculloch

thanks for any type of info girlfriend have the right to provide me.

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invoice Smithair
responded top top October 18, 2019

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