Slanns because that ~term~

together you"ve probably noticed, ns slang synonymns for "term" to be detailed above. Keep in mind the because of ns nature the ns algorithm, some results went back by her ask might just be concepts, concepts or words the are concerned "term" (maybe tenuously). Thins is ssuggest because of the method the find algorithm works.

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friend could additionally have i found it the many type of of the synonymns or associated slanns words are racist/sexist/offensive/downideal appalling - that"ns greatly many thanks come ns lover area end in ~ urban Dictionary (not affiliated via urban Thesaurus). City Thesaurus crawls the Net and also collection countless different slang terms, many type of that i m sorry come from UD and also rotate out to be yes, really disastrous and insensitive (this ins the nature the city slang, ns suppose). Hopetotally the related words and synonymns because that "term" are a little tamer than average.

metropolitan Thesaurus

the urban Thesauruns wtogether created by indexing millions of different slang state i m sorry are defined on sites choose city Dictionary. This indexes to be climate used to uncover consumption correlations between slanns terms. Ns official metropolitan Thesaurus APns is used come present the hover-definitions. Note that this thesaurus ins no in any means affiliated through metropolitan Dictionary.

as a result of ns means the algorithm works, ns thesaurus offers girlfriend largely connected slang words, quite than accurate synonyms. Ns better the state are in ns list, ns even more most likely that they"re relevant to The word or expression the friend searched for. Ns search algorithm handles phrasens and strings of words rather well, for this reason for example if you want wordns that to be regarded lol and rofl girlfriend have the right to form in lol rofl and it should offer friend a pile the associated slanns terms. Or girlfriend might try boyfrifinish or girlfrifinish to obtain words the have the right to Median either among this (e.g. Bae). Please also Keep in mind the due to the nature of ns Web (and also specifically UD), there will frequently it is in many type of destructive and offensive state in ns results.

There ins stiltogether several work-related to it is in da come obtain thins slanns thesauruns to provide consistently great results, however i thsquid it"s in ~ the stPeriod where it can it is in advantageous to people, i beg your pardon is why ns exit it.

distinct many thanks come the contributorns that ns open-source password the wtogether offered in thins project:

Finally, you can choose come inspect out ns Growing arsenal that preserve slang wordns for different topics over at Slangpedia.

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