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link Spotify to Google

Note: make certain your mobile gadget ins connected to the exact same WiFi as her Google device.

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DownloAD and also open up the Google residence appTap Account in the top-rightexamine the Google Account presented ins ns a connected come her Google house or Google nest device. Come move accounts, tans one more accounting or add one more account.earlier ~ above the home screen, tap + in ns top-left, then Music and also audio.pick Spotify and tap attach Account, then log in to Spotify.

attach Spotify come Speakers

Pput Spotify on Bluethis supported tools together together speakers, headphones, and also your car.

come pput Spotify top top Bluetooth, you need:

ns Spotify app on a maker the support Bluetoothan audio tool the support Bluetooth

exactly how to usage Bluetooth

Note: It’s finest to close Spotify if creating a Bluethis connection.

on both devices, switch Bluethis on.Pwait the gadgets in their Bluethis settings.Tip: check her device’s assistance for Spotify and also play.

the sound now comes from your preferred device.

not working?

examine ns devices are in range, ideally wislim 1 meter (3ft) the every other.part tools just let friend have actually one link in ~ a time. Attempt disconnecting various other devices.In ns Setups the your tool through the Spotify app, inspect Bluethis allows media certain both tools have actually adequate power.

If it’s stiltogether no working, try re-pairinns your devices:

In her devices’ Bluetooth settings, delete ns indevelopment the the other device.Tip: This setting deserve to it is in called Forget or Unpair.on both devices, move Bluethis off, then earlier on.Re-create ns connection. Check her device’s user guide because that particular steps.

Spotify on TV

log in to a TV app

open ns Spotify application ~ above her TV, climate select one of these means to log in:

Enter her Spotify email attend to and the Spotify app top top your phone or tablet, and also uncover her gadget using Spotify Connect.

Spotify in the car

take it your favorite music and podcasts along for ns ride.

use any type of the these come attach her pha to her car:

Spotify ConnectBluetoothAUX or USB cableAndroid Autoapologize CarPlay

Also, many auto media Systems sell a Spotify app built into the stereo.

Spotify top top PlayStation

DownloAD the Spotify app top top your PS5, PS4, or PS3 to listen come your favourite music and also podcasts ~ above her console.

Logginns in

open ns Spotify application ~ above your console, then select one of these ways come log in in:

Enter her Spotify email deal with and also ns Spotify app ~ above her pha or tablet, and discover your tool utilizing Spotify Connect.

when you log in to Spotify, her account web links come your Playstation Netjob-related account. Thins instantly logs girlfriend in to Spotify whenever before you log in in to her PSN account.

listen if friend game

when you play Spotify on your PS5 or PS4, it continues to play if friend game.

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Spotify ~ above Samsung wearables

control the music native her wrisns with Samsunns wearables.

Play, pause, and also skip music and also podcastsconserve musicShuffle and repeatPput indigenous your Library, Browse, and recently Played

If girlfriend have actually Premium, you can also:

regulate wcap plays top top an additional gadget through Spotify ConnectDownloADVERTISEMENT playlists to listen to offlinefind through message controlsEnHappiness Premium sound quality