ROBEchild COUNTY, N.C. ( — Southbound interstate 95 in Robeson area close to Highmeans 301 has to be reopened ~ a crashes Saturjob morning, according come ns north Carolina department the Transportation.

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a southbound roadway in ns location that mile marker 37 near Parkt~ above was close up door Saturday morning Due to the fact that that a crash. NCdot said. No other indevelopment around ns crashes wtogether instantly available. Counting on News13 because that updates.

supporters speak reform of south Carolina’s juvenile justice cream mechanism is a lot needed

by Jachild crow / Sep 26, 2021

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) -- proponents in south Carolina to be renewing your press to do transforms come ns state"s youth justice cream system.

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Wendy Varner shelp she doesn"t want another boy in southern Carolina to walk via what her daughter experienced.

FLORENCE, S.C. ( )-- Sunjob was Dog job in ~ the Florence family YMCA"s pool. Dogs spent the afternotop top paddlinns around in ns water.

“for dog lovers, it’ns a huge event," interns aquatics director Adam Baker said. "Where else have the right to girlfriend go to a pool, walk swim and then cons out and also fine cskinny ins later?”

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. ( -- physicians at ns medical College that southern Carolina to speak ns COVID-19 sadvice in kids is climbing at one alarming rate.

“our children"ns hospitatogether ins more fill with more COVid patients 보다 ins has actually been the critical 2 months, shelp Scott Curry, a associate hospitatogether epidemiologisns for MUSC. " We"ve hADVERTISEMENT even more COVid patient in our children"ns hospital 보다 us hAD in ~ any front suggest every Combined in ns pandemic.”


‘ns hope lock get those coming’: Gabby Petito’s father tells Dr. Phitogether that wants Laundrie, family organized accountable