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"ns Didn"ns gain No Sleens "reason of Ya"ll" is a memormaybe catchphrase uttered through Amerihave the right to truth TV personality Tanisha thomas in one episode native ns 2nd seaboy of Oxygen"s truth TV display BADVERTISEMENT girl Club. Largely because of the comicallied sing-songy manner in which sthe deliverns ns line, Tanisha"ns quote has actually motivated a variety that audio-dubbed parodie and re-enactments top top the video-share website Vine.

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BADVERTISEMENT girls Club, one American reality TV show the adheres to ns lives that salso aggressi have and quarrelpart women life in a luxurious mansi~ above for three months, premiered ~ above Oxygen top top December 5th, 2006.<1> In ns Seaboy 2, illustration 30 title "Prank battles part 3: Pcap Lady," aired on January 29th, 2008, among the recently casted memberns of ns display Tanisha cutting board startns a according to ruckus in ns house ~ gaining fed uns through housemates, Jennavicia, Cordelia and Darlen, who hAD invited masculine guest and retained she awake up ns previouns night (presented below).

once ns housematens refusage come clean up their chaos after ~ ns party, Tanisha grabs a set the bakinns pans and proceedns to stomp approximately the house. Banging the pans together, sthe yellns come "obtain ns HELtogether UP!" and "Clean ns FUCKINg HOUSE!" via the occasional "I"M worn down the THIs SHIT!" ~ previously waking up a crashinns member top top ns life room couch with "LEns ns listen girlfriend speak BWOMp BWOMP!", sthe renders her means dvery own ns brightly-patterned room to ns open up bedroom doors, leading to the top shot that her screaming a weird rhythmic, sing-songy "i DIDN"ns get NO FUCKINg SLEEns "cause that Y"ALL! YA"Ltogether no i will ~ acquire NO SLEEp "cause of ME!" whilst banging the pans.


quickly ~ the broadcast of ns episode, Tanisha and also she freakthe end became something that a talk point within the fact TV entertainment blogosphere, when the Oxygen channetogether itself followed up through unveiling a remix variation the Tanisha"s ranns in a commercial<3> because that ns TV program. On February 8th, 2008, the earliest known screen-taped footEra that the Initial step wtogether uploaded by YouTuber UNiQUEE08,<2> adhered to by a higher-reSystems copy of ns actual step (shown below) top top march 23rd, which has actually garnered more 보다 231,000 views as that July 2015.

In the complying with years, a number of duplicate versions of Oxygen"ns promotional remix video and also GIFs from the scene started circulating approximately a couple of discussion forums, greatly as an inside joke Amongst ns pan that the show; however, the quote didn"ns flourish into a full-fledged parody meme till its arrival on Vine in April 2015.

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on Vine

In early on 2014, ns scene began to grow traction as a renowned resource material wislim the Vine remix and also mashup community, with many particitrousers overlayinns a vast array of Alternate background songs over Tanisha"ns monologue in ns Initial scene. ~ above Apritogether 24th, Viner PagonPigeon<6> submitted a Brief clins native ns remix video, despite ins didn"t get itns breakthe end moment until might 31st, 2015, as soon as one more take the the very same video was uploaded come ns Vine channetogether reality TV Clips<7> (displayed below, right). Within the initially month, ns clip garnered more than seven million views and also 7,250 comments.