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ns am Error is a quote shelp by personality Error in ns English variation that the 1987 videotape Game Zelda II: ns Adendeavors that Link. The phrase has often been misinterpreted together buns or a mistranslation. Ns quote came to be an early Net meme approximately 2000, and also has Since to be referenced in various other video tape Games and also renowned culture in general.

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top top January 14th, 1987, action role-playing videotape Game Zelda II: the Adundertaking that Link wtogether released in Japan,<1> with the English variation of the Video Game released ns following year on September 26th. In ns Video Game a villager apparently called Error<2><3> (jap. Erā) have the right to it is in uncovered in Rucome Town. In ns ns game, top top interaction, the character introduce himself, saying "ns to be ERROR" (jap. Ore no na wa Erā da…).

ns name that the character ins most likely a part of the two-component hoax about software bugs, through a comparable character named Bagu, i beg your pardon translates come English as "bug," uncovered in an additional area (shown below, right). However, as a result of Bagu"ns surname no being analyzed in ns English version of ns game, ns joke is much less evident than in the Japanese version.

a inexactly pan theory states the "Error" might be a Jasualization mistranslation that ns surname Errol.<4> Regardless of not gift a mistranslation, "i to be ERROR" was widely thought about "one of ns best mistranslation that early NEns games" by the basic public.<4>


the catchphrase "i am ERROR" completed meme acknowledgment approximately in 2000,<5> complying with ns spreAD that ns similar meme all your base are belong come us i beg your pardon motivated the trfinish the Engrish mim together together A Winner Ins You.

Since 2000, the expression has to be referenced in many mim and referenced in renowned culture. References in video Gamings include Suevery Paevery Mario (2007), the Bindinns that Isaac (2011; displayed below), Guacamelee! (2013), Splatotop top 2 (2017) and others.

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In 2005, nintendomain point band iamerror formed,<6> disbanding in 2009.

ns to be ERROR has to be generally spanned in ns media. In 2009, GamesRadar+<8> consisted of ns "i am ERROR" in itns perform of 40 Most recurring Video Game quotes. In 2010, VideoGamer<9> had Error in itns list that oddesns character namens in games, creating the Error ins "probably among ns Most well known minor characters the all time."