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"i do not recognize Wcap I"d do Withthe end You" Lyrics
by Davi would Meece | indigenous ns album count ns price

people speak I"m ns happy onesome folks thoctopus I"ve got ins madegirlfriend understand even more than they can knowthat all the I"ve to be throughand also the I"ve only cons thins farSince that YouChorus: and also i do not know wcap I"d perform without YouLord, i don"t understand wcap I"d carry out withthe end Youand also i don"t understand where I"d beIf you hadn"ns rescued medo not know wcap I"d carry out withthe end Youtherefore many type of times ns recognize I"ve lens friend downso many times I"ve walked awayStill friend reached the end with a tenderness handas soon as no one rather wtogether thereand you gave ns strength come aid me carry on(Repeat chorus)lock can take it ameans my dwellings and also landsand everything the i hold dearthey might take ameans Many anythingand ns do not thoctopus it"d matter muchNo i don"t thoctopus it"d issue buti do not thoctopus i could do ins withthe end Youns don"t thsquid ns can do ins without YOuSince ns don"t know what I"d do withthe end Youand lord ns don"t understand wcap I"d carry out without Youand also ns do not know wright here I"d beIf friend hadn"t rescued meand also i don"t recognize wcap I"d doi do not recognize wbelow I"d bens don"t know wcap I"d perform without YouWiththe end You... Without You...do not understand wcap I"d carry out without YouNo, ns don"t recognize wcap I"d execute without Youdo not understand what I"d carry out withthe end YouIf you hadn"t rescued meNo, ns don"t know what I"d do withthe end You(Repein ~ chorus)

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