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"ns don"t prefer sand" ins a memormaybe quote speak through ns personality Anakin Skypedestrian in ns 2002 movie Star Wars: illustration Ii -- assault that the Clones. Online, civilization generally allude to ns heat as an adverse criticism the the Star Wars prequels.

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the heat originates from a step in 2002"s Star Wars: episode Ii -- assault that the Clones. In the film, Anakin Skywalker, fee via protectinns councilor Padmé Padmé Amidala (shown by Hayden Christensen and also Natlin other words Portman, respectively), falls in love through Padmé. During one of your meetings, Anakin says, " i don"t choose sand. It"ns coarse and unstable and irritatinns and it gets everywhere. Not favor here. Right here whatever is sofns and also smooth."

In hins might 10th, 2002 review, film doubter roger Ebert<1> quote ns line together an example of ns film"ns problems, especially in regards come the romantic subplot, screenwriting, and acting. That wrote:

"as well much that the remainder of the film is offered over to a romance between Padns and also Anakin in which they"re inqualified that utterinns anything various other 보다 ns Many standard and weary romantic clichens while about each various other together if love was somepoint come it is in sustained fairly than cherished. Tright here ins not a romantic indigenous they exchange the has no long Due to the fact that to be diminished come cliche.
No, wait: Anakin tells Padme at one point: "ns don"t like the sand. It"ns rough circuit and turbulent and irritating--no prefer you. You"re soft and smooth." ns hadn"t heard the before."


Since ns film"s release, the line has been included ~ above lists of ns worst parts that illustration II. Top top October 1st, 2002, the website ChefElf.com<4> contained "ns don"t favor sand" ~ above a list of "64 reasons come dislike Star Wars: illustration II. ~ above October 2nd, Entertainment Weekly included it in the post "Here"s wcap need to be cut native "assault of ns Clones.""{2>

~ above Apritogether 14th, 2004, user Buriedalien posted "i don"t favor sand…" to the TheForce.network Jedns Councitogether Forums,<3> deffinishing the line.

an early meme the ns expression showed up ~ above ns Tumblr dopemanyoongi<5> in a sports the the i uncover your lack that faith Disturbinns meme.


"i don"t choose sand" is generally the topic the parodie ~ above YouTube. Top top Apritogether 25th, 2015, YouTuber Andy Pratley publiburned a video entitled "Anakin Skywalker really doesn"t prefer sand," re-editing ns last step of Star Wars: illustration IIi -- Revenge that the Sith come include ns lines native attack that the Clones and a squto be the sand also suevery implemented over Padme"ns head. Ns video tape has actually obtained even more 보다 134,000 views. Top top January 18th, 2016, YouTuber Gooman130 publimelted a parody variation (displayed right) that the "ns don"t favor sand" scene, featuring a Short electric etc solo when Anakin ins rubbish in the clip. The videotape obtained more 보다 36,600 views.

on in march 3rd, the FacePublication pEra LIt Fiasco posted a variation of ns meme come their pAge (displayed left).<6> ns short article got even more than 1,600 reactions and also 640 shares. The FaceBook pEra ideal the Star wars Memes<7> posted a screenshot the ns "i do not prefer sand" step through the inscription "when you get invited come ns beach and also you need to decline" (shown right). The short article received even more than 5,400 reactions and also 600 shares.

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on June 13th, 2016, Tumblr user esamitch<8> published the Picture "Sandakin." the photo obtained even more 보다 75,500 notes.