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"i have Nothing" is a Track by American singer Whitney Houston, exit together the 3rd single indigenous ns Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album (1992) on February 20, 1993, by Arista Records. Ns Song wtogether composed through Davidentifier Foster and Linda Thompson, and also created by Foster. Ns Tune is a richly orchestrated strength ballADVERTISEMENT around deep love and ns confusion the happen come lovers Because that ns different perception the women and also males once it concerns commitmenns come one"ns lover. ~ ns back-to-back successens that Houston"s "i will certainly constantly Love You" and also "I"m Eexceptionally Woman," "i have Nothing" ended up being yet an additional hit, peaking in ~ number 4 on the Billplank hot 100 and being certified gold through the recording market combination of America. the Tune likewise became a hins ~ above the Billplank hot R&B Singlens chart, through a number 4 peak, and a number-one top on ns Billplank Adulns contemporary chart. Houst~ above establiburned one more historic milestone in Billboard charts history through the two previouns singles off the soundmonitor and also this song, becoming the first artist come have three song inside ns peak 11 of ns hot 100 chart in the very same week Since ns charts began utilizing Broadactors data system and SoundScan information in 1991. Internationally, ns Song got to number a in Canada, ns optimal 5 in Ireland and also ns joined Kingdom, ns top ten in Dennote and Portugal, and peaked within the height forty in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, brand-new Zealand and also Switzerland. It obtained miscellaneous nominations, including because that best Initial Tune at the 1993 Academy Awards, for finest Tune written specifically because that a movement image or television in ~ ns 3sixth Grammy Awardns of 1994, and also because that best R&B Single, Femasculine in ~ ns 1994 spirit Train Music Awards.more »

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Shto be mine lifetake ns for what i am"reason I"ll never changeevery mine colorns for youtake mine loveI"ltogether never ask for also muchsimply every that you areand everything the you doi do not really need to lookvery much furtherns do not great need to goWright here girlfriend do not followi will hold it earlier againThis enthusiasm insidecan not run indigenous myselfThere"s nowbelow come hidedo not make me cshed another doorns do not wanna hurns anymoreremain in my eight if you dareOr need to ns imagine girlfriend theredo not go ameans from mei have nothing, nothing, nothingIf ns don"t have actually you, you, you, you, youyou see throughideal to ns hearts of megirlfriend rest dvery own my wallsthrough ns stamina that your lovens never knewLove prefer I"ve recognized ins with youwill certainly a storage survivea ns can host top top to?ns do not really have to lookincredibly much furtherns do not great need to goWright here friend don"t followns will organize it back againThins enthusiasm insidei can not operation indigenous myselfThere"s nowhere to hideyour love I"ltogether mental foreverdon"t do me cshed an additional doorns do not desire come hurt anymoreremain in mine arms if girlfriend dareOr need to i imagine girlfriend theredo not go amethod from mens have nothing, nothing, nothingdon"t do me cshed one more doori do not great hurt anymorestay in mine eight if you dareOr need to i imagine friend theredo not to walk away from meNo, don"t walk ameans native medo not you challenge go amethod from mens have nothing, nothing, nothingIf ns don"t have actually you, youIf i don"t have you, oh, oh

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Whitney Houst~ above Whitney Elizabeth Houston (august 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was a Amerideserve to recording artist, actress, producer, and also model. In 2009, the Guinness civilization records quote her together the Most vested female act of all time. Houst~ above was one of ns world"s best-marketing music artists, having sold end 170 millitop top albums, singles and videons worldwide. Sthat released 6 studio albums, one vacation album and also 3 movie soundmonitor albums, all of which have actually diamond, multi-platinum, platinum or gold certification.

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Houston"ns crossover appeatogether on ns well-known music charts, as well as her prominence on MTV, founding with her video tape because that "how will certainly ns Know", influenced a number of Afrideserve to Amerideserve to femasculine artists to folshort in her footsteps. More »