Isaiah 49:16 “See, ns have actually engraved girlfriend on the palms the mine hands; her wall surfaces are ever before me.”

Explanation and commentary of Isaiah 49:16

This ins a beautifutogether prophecy that expect and also promise because that God’ns children. It is one of the Most soft lookns in ~ ns heart the God because that hins people. Isaiah 49:14-15 says, “14 yet Zion said, ‘the mr has actually forsaken me, the mr has forobtained me.’ 15 can a mommy forobtain ns infant in ~ she breast and have actually no comenthusiasm ~ above the boy sthat has borne?

despite sthe might forget, ns will certainly no foracquire you!” the comenthusiasm that our Father in sky is past wcap ns sinfutogether hearts have the right to comprehend, but God will certainly never before leave us or forservices us, even if because that a tins the has actually hAD come technique uns for our good.

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God provides she a photo that a sculpture top top hins palms, remindinns among a mommy that tattoons the names of her youngsters on her heart. The imEra ins supposed come encourEra uns that the no only has not foracquired his people, yet that cannot. Having set hins heart top top them, castle never before leaving his mind. That sees ns wall surfaces the hins Divine city in his mind’ns eye constantly.

we forobtain God every ns time, and we often faitogether to save in mind those us to be intended come love in thins world. We gain distracted and spend through ours very own troubles and feelings. For thins reason, us sometimes thsquid that God ins prefer us, distracted indigenous us. Us thoctopus Because us have not been thinking the him, that has not been thinking that us. But God is not favor uns (Ps 50:21), the ins perfectly faithful. In thins thing the Scripture, it not just reflects the God has actually a mental because that us, but the additionally has a hearts for us. That lovens us, and the is why that will no forgain us.

breaking Dvery own ns crucial parts that Isaiah 49:16

#1 “See,” God callns us come look in ~ him. That ins not a far-off God. That ins not a idea or a construct. That ins a Human being the has actually revealed himme to us that us may know hns and ns power that hins resurrection (Phitogether 3:10). His fee come uns eexceptionally day is come look at at hns and “see.”

#2 “ns have actually engraved girlfriend on the palms the mine hands;” God the Father ins a spirit. He has no physics hands, but this ins poetic imagery that suggests that keepns uns in his psychic by method the an effective and irreversible reminder in himself. Ins ins interesting come Keep in mind that God ns child would certainly later on come and also obtain more 보다 the sculpture on hins very own hands because that ns benefits the the Church. Ins was the nail holes in ns hand that rotate thomas native his doubtinns (Jn 20:27).

#3 “your walls are ever before me.” this to be no wall surfaces that might save God out. Lock to be ns walls the defense and protection native ns adversaries of God and themselves. God’s creative thinking that hins city through itns wall surfaces intact ins a authorize that the health and wellness and also prosperity of hins liked people. God never before stop reasoning that his world and exactly how come perform them good.

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professional Summary that Isaiah 40-66

Biblicatogether Translations of Isaiah 49:16

NIV “See, i have engraved friend top top the palmns of mine hands; her wall surfaces to be ever before prior to me.”

NLT “See, ns have actually composed your name ~ above the palms the mine hands. Constantly in my mental is a snapshot the Jerusalem’s walls in ruins.”

ESV “Behold, i have actually engraved friend top top ns palms that mine hands; your wall surfaces are continuallied before me.”

KJV “Behold, i have gcrow thee top top the palmns of my hands; thy walls to be continuallied before me.”

NKJV “See, ns have inscribed girlfriend on ns palmns the mine hands; your wall surfaces to be continually before Me.”

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