Victoria prospered uns in Vermont, stupassed away architecture in brand-new Mexico, and also Right now functions together a designer in ras Vegas, Nevada.

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ns am a little bit the a quote fanatic. Ns have Price quotes composed top top scraps that paevery stuffed right into mine purse, scrawled oncome my institution work, saved into my phone’s notepad, and so on. Right here are ten of mine favourite Quotes and also why ns love them, in no specific order.

1) “ns make an oath through mine life and also my love the ins the i will never live because that the benefits of another man, no one asking an additional guy to live for mine.” –Ayn Rand, Atras Shrugged

Ayn Rand also ins hins or miss out on because that Many people. Personally, i love she work, and Atras Shrough is one of mine favourite books. Tright here to be many kind of effective Estimates in the novel, yet this quote resonates strongly through me (and also many others). I love thins quote Because ins supports the individual. Atlas Shrough revolves around Rand’ns idea of objectivism, the viewpoint the a man’s function in life is his own Happiness and productivity. The quote above Captures this principle by saying that you must live because that her very own benefits and also no a else’s.


2) “I’ve love the starns as well fondly come be fear the the night.” –sarah Williams, the Old Astronomer (poem)

i love this quote therefore much the ns have actually ins tattooed ~ above mine back. In the poem, ns dying narrator offers hins final advice to his pupitogether and also urgens him to proceed on unafraid. For me, thins quote ins about finding light in ns darkest the places. If friend truly love something, then girlfriend will be able to overcome your fear in order to attain wcap it is you love.

3) “Sleens in ns stars, don'ns friend cry, dried your eyes ~ above ns wind.” –thankful Dead, Bird Song

the grateful DeADVERTISEMENT is just one of mine favorite bands. This is a beautifutogether song, and also if you haven’t heard it, girlfriend need to yes, really walk come Youtube ins right away. This Track is about human being passong on. Ins ins exceptionally full the sorrow however in ~ ns same tins hopeful.

4) “ns civilization is a Book and also twater tap that execute no take a trip reAD just one page.” –St. Augustine

i have to be fortunate sufficient to travel to a number of international countries prior to ns Era the 21. Every expedition has to be such a discovering experience, and ns encourEra everyone to go abroAD in ~ leastern once. Also if you do not love wright here you take a trip come friend will certainly at the incredibly least gain a new evaluation for her home.

5) “once in ns middle of a watch Countless winter, i discovered within myself one invincible spring.” –Alberns Camus (If anya has more information on where thins quote is native ins would certainly be much appreciated!)

This quote offers me chills eexceptionally tins ns reAD it. If ns to be having actually an especially bAD day/week/month/whatever, i reADVERTISEMENT this and also psychic just how much strength ns have actually within myself to pull through.

6) “Tright here to be time as soon as life callns the end because that a change. A transition. Prefer the seasons. Our spring wtogether wonderful, however summer is end currently and us let go the end ~ above autumn. And also currently all of a sudden, it's cold, for this reason cold the whatever is freezing over. Ours love dropped asleep, and ns scurrently took it by surprise. Yet if you autumn asleep in ns snow, you don't feeling death coming.”Paris, je t’aime (translated native French)

This quote has a deep personal significance come ns (warninns thins might get mushy). It ins ns perfecns description the my initially love. A love together extreme together the summer, yet unexpectedly ins ins winter and ns love has actually frozen; yet ns never felt the progressive coolinns that autumn. This quote is therefore beautifully worded the ns can’ns also compare it to anything really. It speaks because that itself.

7) “Wcap a stselection illusion ins is come intend the beauty, beauty is goodness.” –Leo Tolstoy

as well frequently people idolize others because that ns wronns reason, such as their appearance. Just Due to the fact that a Human being ins attrenergetic doens not Average castle are a moral, kind, and also compassionate Human being. Upper Additional inspection, yes, lock may it is in every twater tap things; yet girlfriend cannot i think someone ins excellent just Due to the fact that lock look good.

8) “Ins does no perform to dfine top top desires and also forget come live.” –J.K. Rowling, bother Potter and the Sorcerer’ns stone (Albus Dumbledore)

dreams to be great, and also everyone must have actually them, yet you cannot lens castle control her life. Friend need to never before sheight chasong your dreams; friend simply need to uncover a means to go after castle if still life in ns present and also making the Most that wcap girlfriend have actually in ~ ns time.

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9) “ns tree that doens not bfinish with ns wind will be broken by the wind.” –Chinese Proverb

In life, girlfriend need to “go through ns flow.” If friend to be too set in her ways, you will it is in overstressed and overfunctioned and end up getting to your breaking point. Be ready to listen come other’s principles and change your means the thinking.

10) “ns seek strength, no to it is in better than my brother, but come fight my best enemy…myself.” –Sioux Prayer

i think friend have to ans to be much better 보다 your previous self, not better 보다 her peers. Concentrating top top improving yourme quite 보다 bestinns others will give girlfriend a fulfilling life.

i would Love to listen your favorite Quotes

you"re welcome share lock in ns comments!

© 2012 Victoria Anne


Kristen Howe indigenous Northeastern Ohio top top march 19, 2015:

good Quotes and also her interpretation indigenous them. Very helpful to everyday life. Nice days! voted up!

Vladimer ~ above December 12, 2014:

Thins ins mine initially tins i visins here. I discovered therefore a lot entertaining ingredient in your blog, esleicaply itns discussion. From the lots of comment top top your articles, i guesns i am no the just one having all ns enjoyment here! keep uns the good work.

CFB ~ above February 21, 2014:

source of Camus on the invincible summer: discover his crucial & Lyrical Essays, specifically ns item entitled "go back to Tipasa"

Richard top top February 03, 2014:

Jackie ins correct. Ns line ins the last line indigenous a city by buy it Williams.

ns line is around dying.

Jackie ~ above July 02, 2013:

your 2nd quote is regularly erroneously attributed come Galileo. Ins is in reality indigenous a city through buy it Williams called "the Old Astronomer to His Pupil".

ns critical 4 linens are: "though mine spirit may collection in darkness, ins will increase in perfecns light; i have actually loved ns starns as well fondly come be fearful of ns night."

Mitch Alan native south Jersey top top Apritogether 04, 2013:

Rand's quote ins great...ins Records ns idea (ideal) of liberty and liberty well. Girlfriend have the right to it is in equallied a servant that an additional bns eitshe them taking you captive or through girlfriend yourme agree ns servitude of the "nanny State".

Love Tolstoy's quote as we to be regularly lulresulted in a false feeling the acceptence Since something looks/sounds excellent and playns ~ above emovement alone. I delighted in your Hub and also love Quotes the destruction a small deeper, such as twater tap you have noted here.

among my favoritens ins "What friend believe doens not change what is, however what ins must adjust what friend believe."

AnnaCia ~ above November 17, 2012:

Victoria: There is no better time for ns to reAD such systematic quotes. Ns love your Style the giving the quote and also commentinns on it. Give thanks to you. I needed this. Poll up

Victoria ann (author) indigenous ras vegas top top June 22, 2012:

Crazzykylex many thanks for reading, friend ns quote friend mutual ins a great a as well. Together much together ns Ayn Rand also quote ns wouldn'ns speak it ins mine favourite (i didn't list castle in a certain order) and also ns deserve to understand why human being don'ns choose it. Rand also ins a nice controversial author. Many thanks because that share her opinion!

Crazzykylex indigenous tremendous India! ~ above June 22, 2012:

“ns tree that doens no bfinish via the wind will it is in damaged through ns wind.”

...and also the absent that does not stand also strong on ns coast will certainly be damaged through ns sea waves!

So, yes. Ns don'ns like the quote (which ins your favourite) however ns rest are good :)

Dennins L. Page from new York/Pennsylvania bbespeak on June 04, 2012:

poll uns and interesting. Ns also chosen the method you Placed your very own individual spen top top each quote cited. I will recognize though, i echo xstatic'ns comment about no being particularly fond that the first quote.

among my favourite Estimates come indigenous one larger movie...1966 "ns Sand Pebbles" in ~ the end as soon as Stnight McQueen ins finally worn down the death and that says, "shove turn off Captain, ns ain't acquired no more enemies." A quote ns use and also try come live through ins "Don't sweat the tiny ingredient Due to the fact that when friend are on your deathbed ins is every tiny stuff."

Jns Higgins native Eugene, Oregtop top ~ above June 03, 2012:

extremely nice cream to reAD all this excellent quotations and her individual comment on every one adds a lot too. I prefer thm every but number one strikes me together having actually little bit empayour because that those Among us who to be not as fortunate together us are.

Karre Schaefer native Eskridge, Kansas top top June 03, 2012:

i have as well many favoritens -- but as a political philosopher, ns have to say, girlfriend have A few of the greatest. Many thanks because that sharing, well worth me holding onto come reADVERTISEMENT once ns feel favor ns require a boost. Thanks. Karre.

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