“ns heard your voice cream in ns wind todayand also i turned to see her face;ns warmth of ns wind caressed metogether i stand silently in place.

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ns felt your touch in the sun todaytogether its warm fill ns sky;ns close up door mine eye because that her embraceand mine spirit soared high.

ns experienced her eye in the home window panetogether ns watchead the falling rain;It appeared as every raindrons fellins quietly said your name.

i held you close in mine heart todayins do me feeling complete;you might have died…yet girlfriend to be not gonegirlfriend will constantly it is in a part that me.

together lengthy together the sun shines…the wind blows…the rain falls…friend will certainly live ~ above inside that me foreverfor the ins all my heart knows.”

– Unknown

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January 11, 2020 at 11:56 am

Hi.can you you"re welcome acexpertise the the poem, i heard her voice cream on ns wind today” wtogether composed byTim Edds.Thanlypu.Trish

Janetwork M Toth
august 26, 2020 at 8:15 am

i discovered this city after ~ shedding mine husband come cancer and also have actually Put ins to music. Exactly how have the right to ns verify that ins was created by Tim Edds? i want to give crmodify as i will probably Placed ins in a lyric video. Any kind of help is appreciated. – give thanks to girlfriend – Jan


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