Singer Robin Thicke perdevelops ~ above NBC'ns this particular day Show at Rockefeller Plaza on July 30, 2013, in brand-new York City.

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Robin Thicke’s summer hit "Blurred Lines" adcostume wcap sound choose a grey area between consensual sex and assault. Ns imeras in this short article location the song's text right into a real-life context. They to be from project Unbreakable, an digital Photograph essay exhilittle bit the features womales and also males holding signs via sentence the your rapist sassist before, during, or after their assault. Let’ns begin.

i recognize girlfriend want it.

Thicke sings “i know friend want it,” a expression the many type of sexual assault survivorns reharbor their rapistns speak come justification your actions, together demonstrated over and over in ns job Unbreakmay be testimonials.


You're an excellent girl.

Thicke Additional singns “You’re a great girl,” arguing that a good girtogether won’t display her mutual desire (if ins exists). Thins becomes More proof in hins psychic that sthat wants sex: for good girls, quiet is consent out and also “no” yes, really suggests “yes.”


Callinns one adult a “great girl” in this conmessage resonates through ns the virgin/prostitute dichotomy. Ns implicit in Blurred Lines ins that Due to the fact that ns womale is not responding to a man’ns sex-related advances, which that food are irresistible, she’ns hiding her true sex-related desire under a facade the disinterest. Thicke is singing about forcinns a womale come percreate both the good girl and bAD girtogether functions in order come fulfill ns man’s desires.

Thicke and company, as all-knowing patriarchs, will offer she what the to know sthe wants (sex), even despite she’ns no actively consenting, and also she might well it is in rejectinns ns guy outright.

carry out it like ins hurt, perform it choose ins hurt, wcap girlfriend don’t favor work?

This lyric suggests that woguys to be intended come enJoy pain Throughout sex or that ache is part the sex:

the woman’ns desire pplace no part in this scenario—other than insofar as he jobs whatever before that pleasens onto her—one more parallel to ns acns the rape: sexual attack ins Normally not about sex, yet quite about a physical and emotionally demonstrate the power.

the method you grAb me.

should wanna gain nasty.

This ins victim-blaming. Everyhuman body to know that if a womale dancens with a male ins implies she wants come sleep with him, right? and if sthat wear a Quick skirt or tight dress she’ns asking for it, right? and also if sthat also smile in ~ him it implies sthe desires it, right? Wrong. A dance, one outfit, a smile—sexy or not—does no show consent. This idea, though, ins pervasive and also thought by rapists.

and women, according to Blurred Lines, want to it is in cure badly.

Nopoint like your last guy, that as well square because that you.

the don’ns smack her asns and also traction your hwait favor that.

In this misogynistic fantasy, a woman doesn’t want a “square” who’ll treat she favor a Human being gift and also through respect. She would certainly rather it is in degraded and abused for a man’s gratificati~ above and amusement, choose ns woguys who dance roughly half naked humpinns deADVERTISEMENT pets in the music video.

the piècede résistance the ns non-censored version the Blurred Lines ins this lyric:

I’ll give friend somepoint come tear your asns in two.

What much better way to show a woman who’s in charge than violent, non-consensual sodomy?

Ultimately, Robin Thicke’s rape anthem is around masculine desire and also masculine prominence over a woman’ns individual sex-related agency. The strict definition of masculinity makes the guy unable to accept ns idea the periodically hins advances to be not welcome. Thus, insteADVERTISEMENT of treating a woman like a Human gift and respecting her subjectivity, she’ns relegated to the role that living sex doll wwater tap visibility ins naughns but because that the pleasure that a man.

In Melinda Hugh’s "Lans Lines" parody that Thicke’ns Track sthat sings, “you thsquid i desire ins / i yes, really don’t want it / you"re welcome obtain turn off it.” ns law Revue Girls' “characterized Lines” reaction come "Blurred Lines" notes, “yeah us don’ns desire ins / It’ns chauvinistic / You’re together a bigot.” Rosalind Peterns claims in her one-woguy retort: “Let’ns clear up somepoint girlfriend / I’m below to have funny / I’m no below come get raped.”

There to be no “blurred lines.” There is only a line: consent.

and the absence the consent out ins a crime.

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