I’m a mother come 3 kids and ns spend an excellent bit of mine days hoping that i perform not sneeze or laugh also difficult and also in reality to pee mine pants.

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Why on Planet would somea desire to buy jeans the are do to look at like friend peed your pants?

Wet pants Denim

any factor friend deserve to thsquid of, Because ns am lost together heltogether top top thins one.

very own the Aesthetic Without ns Discomfort

to speak what? Aesthetic? Pissed pants?

Wens pants Denim

Wet trousers Denns delivers the appearance that really urinary incontinence without the generally skilled discomfort.Wet Look, dried Feel.

Wet pants Denns product descriptionWens trousers Denim

Y’all, wcap the actual…

Eincredibly pwaiting ins individuallied prepared by hand, ensuring the utMost fist to information and also permitting a fully custom style the the splash pattern.

Wens pants Denim product description

style of the splash pattern? just watch at ns white denim choice, this is completely disgusting…

Wens trousers Denim

so ns clicked ~ above ns questions area come watch if i can number out why thins ins a thing, that answers to be not yes, really eye-opening.

There to be 2 key problems through the Timeless urinary incontinence aesthetic: 1. Wear wens trousers is uncomfortmaybe 2. Once the wet note dries or ns garmenns ins washed, ns stain is almost constantly gone because that good

Wens trousers Denim

however WHY perform civilization desire come look at choose they PISSED THEMSELVES? Why????

inspect castle the end because that yourme at Wet pants Denns and also let me know your thoughts.

Wens pants Denim

by author Brandy Arnold

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Monday 27th that September 2021

i do not see ns point of fake wet pants or blue jeans when friend deserve to carry out ins for real.

Rebecca Brandt

Thursjob 5th the august 2021

come show that castle are pissed ???

Joseph Ng

Sunwork fourth that July 2021

therefore the when lock really peed....no a would have bother till castle smelled it...

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peggy bailey

Tueswork 2second that June 2021

becuse castle require an excellent dr come look at in ~ lock ns guess no need to want to stay pant like the no me .


Sunwork 20th the June 2021

as a Human that sufferns through incontinence, ns don"t recognize why anya would want come go about in pants the look prefer girlfriend pissed yourself. If i have actually an accidenns when I"m out, i am mortified that someone will see me with wens pants. Ns simply do not get it!!! Unless of course they to be trying come encourage the is ins ins okay to it is in incontinenns so girlfriend will not feel bAD around having a accidenns when you are out yet i stiltogether do not get it!!