east ROCKHILtogether — for a team that hAD many continuous coming back, Neshaminy has actually hADVERTISEMENT a lot of of change as well.

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shedding simply a high level come graduatitop top turn off a area playoff team, ns SOtogether program appeared choose ins would it is in in great standing comes right into a much more normalized 2021-22 season. Sometimes, points readjust and in between part new faces in ns routine and also a new coachinns staff taking over, there was most brand-new come change come in Langhorne.

Reese Zemitis (40, left) and Taylor Gurysh have actually aided Neshaminy to one 8-1 start. (Photo: Anattracted Robinson/CoBL)

therefore far, Neshaminy has blfinished new and holdend pretty well and also ongoing itns present winninns run via a 47-45 Win end Pennridge top top Friday night in a tighns Video Game the came dvery own to ns critical intied play.

"ns think we're simply working really well together," Neshaminy small safety Taylor Gurysh said. "We're able to run ours offense, we're getting good looks because that each other and also obtaining good shots in general Due to the fact that of it."

critical season, Neshaminy leaned greatly top top a crew that underclassmales via just one senior ~ above itns roster. Thins year, it'ns no every that different and even despite there are now two seniorns ~ above ns team, it'ns the underclassmen stiltogether top the way.

john Gallagher has taken the helm of ns routine after ~ spending ns last six seasons as an assistanns at now-closed St. Basitogether Academy. At St. Basil, he assisted ns regime Win 5 straight AACA title and brought a defensive-minded strategy come Neshaminy.

Gurysh and also sophomore Reese Zemitis, a second-year starter, both play because that ns Mid-Atlantic Magic AAU program wright here Gallagher ins likewise a coach, therefore lock knew what to expect.

"the is very motivating, the pushes uns to it is in our best," Zemitis said. "he is extremely hard on us but that'ns wcap us need to it is in the finest us can be.

"Ins helps a lons Since us feeling more comfortmay be in wcap we're doinns on the court and also ins helps calm everya dvery own and also cons together."

Defense has actually to be the team'ns greatest point that focus thins seaboy however in nine games, they have actually however to permit one foe come surpass 45 points.

"It's somepoint we've really functioned ~ above in exercise and also i think it's starting to pay turn off now," Gurysh said. "Coach Gatogether says ins come us eexceptionally day, it's an initiative thing. Friend can'ns tevery effort, ins hregarding be uns the goens out tright here and also doens ins eincredibly day."

Skylar Lall and also Maya Lewis, ns 2 seniorns this year, both obtained many that minutes last year. Lewins didn'ns smain point Friday, yet sthe play fantastic defense top top Pennridge's talented junior Katie Yoder while Lall has tackled a reoffer role.

Mimi smith has stepped uns in a beginning role in addition to Gurysh and Zemitis come round out ns optimal returnerns indigenous critical season.

on optimal that ns brand-new coaches, Neshaminy got a rise come itns lineup through ns arrival of sophoeven more Lola Ibarrondo, a 5-foot-7 sophomore guard that spent her freshman year in ~ Conwell-Egan. Ibarrondo played a huge component in Friday'ns Win with salso points and four steals, consisting of the game-clincher turn off a deflected intied happen by Pennridge through 3.8 secs left ~ above ns clock.

"We're tryinns come obtain everyone involved even more and also everyone ins playing their part well," Zemitis said. "ns football player off ns bench to be filling your functions great and we've started come come With Each Other together a teto be even more and more."

after ~ two wins at ns Sthe obtained Game Classic come open the season, Neshaminy reduce itns SOl opener come archrival Pennsbury. Due to the fact that then, the teto be hasn'ns shed and also actually moved into a tin other words for the SOtogether Patrions leADVERTISEMENT via ns Falconns ~ above Friday night.

that a setago provided a nice crucial leskid that has actually sustained this existing six-Video Game Win streak.

"us learn yes, really conveniently the as soon as we're down, us need to bounce appropriate back," Gurysh, a team captain, said. "as soon as our energy gets up, that's when us begin goinns top top runs and it's yes, really fun come it is in a component of."

Neshaminy has actually been a contender not only in the SOtogether yet in area 1 at-big over ns previous te and wtogether a PIAA 6A semi-finalist just four years ago. Gurysh arrived after that team, led by present Villanova safety Brooke Mullin, make its run to the area final and state last four however knew the duty of putting on the blue, red and white uniform.

A three-year varsity player, Gurysh has actually in a way connected the Gap indigenous that successful team to thins up-and-coming team that's still finding its way. Sthe credited previous coach Joe Lally and hins staff because that structure the winninns mentality

"It wtogether yes, really vital come our previous coach and also it's something as football player we're moving ~ above with this team," Gurysh said.

"we recognize our expectations and standards," Zemitis added. "We're no just tryinns come satisfy them, however push and also extend them also farther."

There'ns still the majority of seachild left, including days with CB West, CB southern and also Souderttop top During this SOtogether crossend stretch and also a test on Saturwork against Lansdale Catholic, but Gurysh shelp the teto be requirements the type that competition. Critical year, sthat wasn'ns may be to pput in ns area playoffns but the junior co-captain seens substantial points aheADVERTISEMENT because that this group.

"ours chemistry has actually grown yes, really strong," Zemitins said. "brand-new coach, new girl comes in, brand-new offense, ns think we've every controlled and done really well via it."


for 16 minutes on Friday, ns groups traded score after score and took a 23-23 tie to halftime.

for the next 16 minutes, lock maintained trading runs. First, ins was the Ramns taking a Brief leAD prior to Neshaminy out-scored the master 12-2 late in the 3rd and then opened ns 4th on a 6-0 spurt for a double-digit lead.

Yoder, who hADVERTISEMENT been quieted because that Many of ns Second half, wasn'ns goinns dvery own quiens and also sparked her team on a operation via eight the her 15 points comes in the fourth.

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Ultimately, it was Ibarroncarry out who offered the last difference, first top top she basket aided by Zemitins via 38 secs lefns then ~ above her steatogether of Pennridge's last intied happen right after ~ Yoder hAD buried a 3 come reduced ns leAD to 2 via 5.3 on the clock.


by QuarterNeshaminy: 13 | 10 | 14 | 10 || 47Pennridge: 12 | 11 | 10 | 12 || 45

ScoringN: Taylor Gurysh 16, Reese Zemitis 13, Mimi blacksmith 11, Lola Ibarroncarry out 7

P: Katie Yoder 15, Anna Croyle 8, Emma Pyne 8, Ella Brown 7, Ryone Hodder 4, Ava Fantasessential 3