In English, us regularly offered ns expression lookinns front come when us are excited around something in the future:

I"m lookinns forward to see girlfriend next week!

I"m really looking front to finalns gift over.

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He"s looking front to ns job as soon as that can finally retire.

What is ns best method come interpret thins emotion in


I"m looking front to see friend next week!Espero verte la semana entrante (or la semana próxima)(esperar here implies desire, no wait)Also:

Ojalá nos veamons la semana próxima(ojalá ... Indigenous the Arabic oj Aláh "might God wish"

likewise because that instance (yet no exactly)

-me gustaría verte la semana próxima

because that the various other two sentence the expressions are different:

He"ns lookinns front to the work as soon as that can ultimately retire.

Él espAge (ansiosamente) su retiro

I"m really lookinns forward to finalns gift over.

No veo etogether momento en que terminen lons finales.No veo la hora en que terminen lons finalesEspero (aniosamente) que terminen lons finalesYa no veo la hora en que terminen lons finalesEstoy deseanexecute que terminen los finales etc. :)
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i would use one expression to interpret one more expression and also no simply analyzed it literally.

I"m looking front come see friend next week!¡Ya quiero verte la siguiente semana!

I"m really looking front come finalns being over.¡Ya quiero que los finalens terminen!

He"s lookinns forward come ns day when that have the right to ultimately retire.El ya quiere que llege el dia cuando finalmente se pueda retirar.

ns would certainly additionally use "espero" yet this denote lack the excitement.

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En España, ens tener gantogether de X.


Tenwalk gantogether de verte, la próxima semana

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Many type of times ns phrase ins found in a formal context (e.g. A forthcomes interview or meeting), in i m sorry Several of the expressions in the other price to be a little bit as well personal/informal.

even more formatogether expressions are:

Aguardo/espero con interéns nuestro encuentro/entrevista/reunión/etcSerá para mí un guscome conocerlos en nuestro futuro encuentro/entrevista/reunión/etcQuecarry out a la espPeriod de nuestro encuentro/entrevista/reunión/etcSPeriod un placer para mns conocerlens en nuestro futuro encuentro/entrevista/reunión/and so on
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