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ns advanced mine eye to say Yes

A Memoir written by

Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer and Steven B. Kasetup

Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer wtogether born in 1950. Sthat has actually never before spoken a word, never walked, never before fed herself, never before combed her very own hair. Trapped in a body that is functionally useless, she mind works perfectly.

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This ins she story. Taking in and also hearbreaking, it was written with ns teamwork that Ruth"ns friend, Stalso Kaplan. Withthe end any self-pity, Ruth recountns her at an early stage childhood through a loving family and also some happy year at a rehabilitatitop top center, then digital incarceration at ns well known Belchertvery own State college in Massachusetts.

after ~ sixteenager years sthe was released, to enPleasure a life that objective and personal triumph.

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ns progressive my eyes to to speak Yens will certainly permanently change ns reader"s tardy the the severely disabled. But it likewise expresses larger truths, and demonstrates ns extraordinary strength of love, thought, and the Person spirit.

Publimelted and easily accessible exclusively through

totality health books

Winside of the 1990 Christopher award

"a extraplain look at in ~ gift sevedepend disabled in a culture the ins ill-ready to deal with with ns handicapped."

~ NY times Book Review

"A impressive collaboration...both sAD and triumphant."

~ world Magazine

"the wrenching story the one woman"s battle versus silence." ~Newsday

"Wcap Sienkiewicz-Mercer has actually make the her fate ins nothing Quick of triumph." ~the Washingt~ above short article

Stalso B. Kaarrangement and Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer

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