"i check out What girlfriend walk There", periodically reduce together ICWYDT or ISWYDT, ins a expression commonly uncovered digital eitshe in comment or caption for imPeriod macros. Depending on itns tone, ins have the right to convey a condescfinishing response to a banatogether joke, a genuine admiration for an additional who wins or a hazard akin come “ns recognize wcap girlfriend did.”


ns expression hADVERTISEMENT to be used in pop culture previouns to the internet, first checked out in a in march 1996 episode<2> of the television comedy Friend title “the one Wbelow Dr. Ramoray Dies.”<1> In ns scene, Joey (played by Matns LeBlanc) is explaining come Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) just how that writes his own lines on ns television display he functions on. That tells her that he take it the Initial line "If us do not acquire this womale to a hospital, she"ns going come die" and also adjusted it come "If thins womale does not get to a hospital, she"ns not gonna live." realizing the simply regrammar ns script and also walk no do any type of actuatogether writing, Phoeit is in responds via "ns check out what girlfriend go there" together a technique of patronizinns him.

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Online, among ns earliesns archived uses of ns phrase showed up top top ns ultimate Ju-jitsu Forum<3> top top July 18th, 2003 when a member post a joke around a Jujitsu martiatogether arts facility called the boy Club, asking if ins wtogether a recommendation to ns blue corner of a ju-jitsu mat, come which an additional poster comment through “ah ha, ns watch wcap friend did there."


“ns view What you did There” has actually to be provided on a selection of topical messEra boards between 2003 and 2007, consisting of hobby forum ilXor<4>, ns Killer movies community<5> and also ns Newgrounds forums.<6> In 2004, 2 acronym versions of ns phrase were defined top top urban Dictionary, OICWYDT<7> and also ISWYDT.<8> ns previous ins meeting come ns Livenewspaper community indiefucks<9>, i m sorry has actually been active Since June 2002. Ns following year in 2005, "ns watch what girlfriend did there" together a complete phrase wtogether included come city Dictionary.<10>

notable Examples

ImEra macros bearing the expression began come show up throughthe end 2007 and 2008, through instancens post ~ above ns can has actually Cheezburger?<12><13>, MySpace<14>, eBaum’ns World<11> and also Halolz.<15> Collections of this imAge macrons have the right to it is in uncovered top top Buzzfeed<16>, Quickmeme<17> and the Chive.<18> added instances that both imAge macros and also captionless pictures have the right to it is in found top top Tumblr<19>, FunnyJunk<20> and also Reddit.<21>



RAge Face

together early together in august 2011, the phrase came to be paired with a reactivity challenge the hAD to be circulatinns on 4cha Since that February,<24> with the earliesns recognized instance post by Tumblr user dyselxia<25> in a joke about juice beverages.

later that month, a rEra comic special the challenge wtogether posted top top Memebase.

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<27> on October 1st, ins was added come all ns RPeriod Faces<28> and also made itns dehowever on Reddit<29> in a rEra comic posted on October 29th. Together that July 2012, there to be even more than 100 rAge comicns top top Reddit<26> with the i watch Wcap you walk There face. Tbelow are even more than 20 FaceBook fan pages<22> for ns rEra face, via ns largest one<23> having actually 98,896 pan as the July 2012.