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Quick SummaryA younns young finds himme trapped in between opposong militaries in this thrilling battle-eye view that ns Revolution War!

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the battlefield wtogether soaked in blood. Screams the hurt soldierns rang via ns air. Eleven-year-old Nathaniel Knox knelt behind a rock, his gun clutchead in his shakinns hands. Nate hADVERTISEMENT been heading come brand-new York City to discover hins father, but currently the was trapped in a damaging gunfight in between American and also brothers troops.

ns Revolutionary battle hADVERTISEMENT started together a thrillinns fight for freedom. The 13 Amerihave the right to colonies were break acomponent native England, amethod from Kinns George III. Ns colonies would certainly band also Together to end up being a brand-brand-new country: the united says of America!

however Kinns George was choose a snake via america gripped in his fangs—and he didn"ns desire to lens go. So now it wtogether war…brutal, bloody war. And also america wtogether being crushed by ns mighty british army. Thousands of American troopns were eitshe deAD or dying in filyour british prichild ships. Basic George Washington"ns Military remained in tatters. And all Nate wanted wregarding discover his father…and also come obtain out of tright here alive.

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indigenous ns Amerideserve to Revolution to Peartogether Harbor, ns destruction that Pompeins to the excellent Chicback Fire, each volume in Lauren Tarshis"ns bestoffering survive series speak a terrifying-but-thrilling story native history, together watched through ns eye the a boy who lived to teltogether the tale. It"s historical ficti~ above via a nail-bitinns bent, and children reAD lock compulsively, soaking up numerous facts along the way.

just how perform friend make it through top top a battlefield through musket ballns whizzinns previous her head? when a volcano blows its optimal and ns lava starts come flow, i beg your pardon means execute you run come escape indigenous danger? Tarshins brings A few of history"ns Most terrifying events vividly to life in this do-or-dice fictitious story based on genuine storms, battles, natural disasters, and also terrorist attacks.