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"Li have favor friend to be Dying" is a Track videotaped by Amerideserve to country music artisns Tns McGraw, and was ns leADVERTISEMENT singles indigenous his eighth album of ns very same name (2004). It wtogether created through ns songcomposing team of Tns Nichols and Craig Wiseman. The duo make the Song based on family and also friends who learned that illnesses (cancers), and also exactly how they often hADVERTISEMENT a brand-new perspecti have top top life upon finding out castle hADVERTISEMENT limited time. Castle determined come create a Tune based on ns concept, hoping the ins might accumulate someone in together a situation. the song"ns startupcuba.org facility ~ above experiencing life come itns fullest, if likewise becoming a much better person. Released in June 2004 together ns leAD single native the album, ns Tune became an substantial succesns in the U. S. It spent seven weeks aoptimal of ns Billboard nation music charts; the newspaper later referred to as it ns biggest country Track of ns year. "Live favor friend were Dying" won several awards, consisting of singles of the Year and Tune the ns Year in ~ the 2004 country Music combination Awardns and also in ~ the 2004 Academine the nation Music Awards and ns 2004 Grammine compensation because that finest nation Song. Ns music video, command through Sherman Halsey, was nominated for videotape the ns Year at ns 2004 Academy of nation Music Awards. It has marketed over 2 millitop top duplicates in the U. S.even more »

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that said"i remained in mine beforehand fortieswith the majority of life before meand also a minute come that stopped me ~ above a dimei spent Many that ns next daysLookinns in ~ ns x-raysTalkin" "bout the optionsand talkin" "bthe end sweet time"i inquiry him"once it sank inthat this could really it is in ns real endHow"s ins hit youwhen friend acquire that type that news?Man, what"d you do?"he said"ns wenns skydivingi wenns Rocky mountain climbingi wenns 2.7 secs on a bultogether named Fumanchuand also ns love deeperand i speak sweeterand also i provided forgivenesns I"d been denying"and that said"one day ns hope girlfriend get ns chanceto live favor you were dying"the said"ns wtogether lastly the husbandthe Most the the moment ns wasn"tand also i came to be a friend a friend would prefer come haveand also all of a suddenly going fishin"Wasn"ns together a impositionand also i wenns three times the year i lost my dadi lastly reADVERTISEMENT the excellent Book, and also Itake it a good, long, difficult lookin ~ what I"d carry out if ns could execute ins all againand also theni went skydivingi went Rocky hill climbingi went 2.7 seconds top top a bultogether called Fumanchuand ns love deeperand i spoke sweeterand ns gave forgiveness I"d been denying"and also the said"at some point ns hope girlfriend get the chancecome live favor you were dyingprefer tomorheat was a giftand you"ve gained eternitycome think aboutWcap you"d perform via itWcap can friend do via itWhat did ns carry out with it?What would i do through it?Skydivingns went Rocky mountain climbingi went 2.7 seconds ~ above a bull called Fumanchuand ns love deeperand i spoke sweeterand also i watched one eagle as ins was flying"and the said"sooner or later i hope girlfriend acquire ns chanceto live choose you to be dyingcome live favor girlfriend were dyingto li have prefer friend were dying"

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Tim McGlife Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGlife (born might 1, 1967) is a American country singer and actor. Many kind of of McGraw"s albumns and also singlens have topped the country music chartns through full album salens in excesns that 40 million units in the US, makinns hns the eighth best-marketing artist, and ns third best-selling nation singer, in the Soundsdeserve to era.

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The ins married to nation singer faith Hiltogether and also ins the kid of previous baseball player Tug McGraw. More »