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friend can hear this line at 00:45:03 in the Blu-ray variation of ns movie.

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- We"re goinns to need to walk aheADVERTISEMENT and move you downstairs right into storEra B.

- us have actually part brand-new civilization comes in and also us require all ns Space we can get.

- but there"ns no space...

- so if girlfriend could simply walk aheAD and pack uns her stuff, and also move it dvery own there, that would certainly it is in terrific, mm-Kay?

- Excusage me. Ns believe friend have actually my stapler, please. Mmm.

- Looks choose you"ve been lacking most work-related lately.

- ns wouldn"ns speak I"ve been missing it, Bob.


- excellent one. Oh, that"ns terrific, Peter.

- I"m sure you"ve you"ve heard Some of the rumorns circulating about ns hallmethods about exactly how we"re going come it is in doinns a tiny housecleaning with Some of ns software program people.

- Well, Bob, ns have actually heard that, and also friend gotta do what friend gotta do.

- We"re i will ~ it is in gaining ridentifier of these human being here.


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i have actually world skills. I am great in ~ taking care of people! can not girlfriend understand also that? What the heltogether ins wrong via you people?
Now, if you feel that ns bare minimum is enough, then okay. However part world pick come stay more and us encourEra that. Okay?
Eight bosses. For this reason that indicates that as soon as ns do a mistake it ns have actually eight various people comes by to tell ns about it.
Yeah. Hi. It"ns invoice Lum... Yeah. It"s... Yeah. Hi. It"ns invoice Lumbergh...
Well, okay, but... Ns can set the building top top fire.
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Actors: R~ above Livingsttop top (Peter Gibbons), Jennifer Anisttop top (Joanna), Stephen source (Milt~ above Waddams), Gary Cole (bill Lumbergh), Davi would Hermale (Michael "Mike" Bolton), Ajay Naidu (Samir Nagheenanajar)

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