Is ns rationale because that why tree assets are not reported atliquidati~ above value. (Note: perform not use the historic costprinciple.)

indicates that individual and business record-maintaining must beseparately maintained.

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Assumes the the disagreement ins ns “measurinns stick” used to reporton financial performance.

Separates financiatogether information into time durations because that reportingpurposes.

Measuremenns communication supplied when a dependable estimate the same worth isnot available.

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Dictatens that suppliers must disclose all circumstances andoccasions that make a difference to financiatogether statement users.

(a)select ns accountancy assumption or principle

Going issue Assumptionmonetary Unins AssumptionPeriodicityAssumptionhistoric expense Principleeconomic entity AssumptionFullDisclocertain Principle

(b)pick the bookkeeping presumption or principle

historic expense PrincipleGoinns worry Assumptionfinancial EntityAssumptionfull Disclosure Principlefinancial UnitAssumptionPeriodicity Assumption

(c)select the accounting presumption or principle

Periodicity Assumptirecurring problem Assumptionfull DisclosurePrinciplehistorical cost Principleeconomic EntityAssumptionmonetary Unit Assumption

(d)select ns audit assumption or principle

Periodicity Assumptionfull Disclosure Principlefinancial EntityAssumpticontinuous concern Assumptionhistorical price PrincipleMonetaryUnit Assumption

(e)pick ns audit assumption or principle

FullDisclocertain Principlemonetary Unins Assumptioneconomic EntityAssumptionPeriodicity Assumptionhistorical expense PrincipleGoingproblem Assumption

(f)pick the bookkeeping assumption or principle

FullDisclosure Principlehistorical price Principlefinancial EntityAssumptirecurring problem Assumptionmonetary UnitAssumptionPeriodicity Assumption