any kind of tins ns scrole with Pinteremainder or Instagram, ns never faitogether to cons throughout inspirational and also motivationatogether Christian-themed quotes. These Price quotes might not necessarily be a Holy bible verse, yet lock might mention God and encourPeriod us by giving us a pin ~ ~ above ns back. Some world may instantly i think castle came indigenous ns Bible. A renowned quote ins ns one the says, “If God brings girlfriend to it, the will certainly lug you through it.” In various other words, God no allow uns to challenge experiencing and hardship unmuch less that has a arrangement because that uns come to walk with it and also conquer. Although thins quote might definitely leave us emotion good, especially when dealing with a storm in life, is this quote biblical? need to christians usage this well-known saying come encourEra a another?

Wcap Is the beginning that the expression "If God Brings friend come it, that will certainly lug you with It"?

Ins is uncertain as soon as and also exactly how thins phrase became popular, but mine guess ins that it began with the climb that social media. Ns popularity that thins quote has increased wislim the previous two years or so, and it ins currently shown across Christian products, together together mugs and Wall art. Many type of writer and also renowned pastorns have peppered this quote into their books and also sermons, and part claim that ins initially garnered popularity among preachers of ns prosperity gospel.

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we can i think the the Initial writer the this expression created this based upon various story in the Bible, together together the story the the Israelite crossong ns Red Sea that God hADVERTISEMENT parted because that castle (view Exodus 14) and also the story Jonah and ns massive fish, Among others.

It is additionally most likely the thins quote was based upon the Scripture. 1 Corinthianns 10:13, i beg your pardon states, No temptati~ above has overtaken you except together as is Usual to man; yet God ins faithful, that will certainly not permit friend to it is in tempted past what friend are able, however through ns temptation will certainly also make the method that escape, the you may be able to bear it.”

Ins Thins phrase Biblical?

If us to be come cling to specific Christia sayingns come administer expect and also encouragement for ourselves and also for others, then it’ns essential the we don’t execute thins until us first line the validity of ins against ns Bible.

for this reason is it true that “If God brings friend come it, that will certainly carry you through it?”

Throughout the Bible, we reAD stories around how God has actually allowed enduring to Go into the resides of believers. Take a watch in ~ Job, for instance. God intentionally permitted the foe come wreak destruction in hins life. Us deserve to also examine ns life that God’ns very own Son. The no shield Jesus from the pain and also enduring the the overcome brought, walk He? and yet His death was important come plunder ns means for brand-new birth.

Sometimes, death andtrials are a crucial part the ours life as a Christian. They’re inescapable. God groomns uns with ns pain, too, together evident in Jamens 1:2-3: mine brethren, count ins every Joy once you autumn into miscellaneous trials, learning the ns experimentation the your confidence produces patience.”

Throughout the Bible,God stays soveregime over the stays of those that seek Him. We deserve to to trust that the ins in regulate over all problem in our own lives together well.

However, us should psychic that us have been provided free will in life. If we choose come forservices adhering to God and also the values in His Word, then the consequences and also enduring reaped from our actions might not necessarily it is in God’ns plan for our lives. Yet give thanks to God the Jesus has concerned give uns a restart. That never before falls short to withhold mercy, grace, and redemptitop top ~ above those that rotate ago come Hns and seek His face (see Hebrews 4:16).

God help us Throughout our sufferings and also trialns as to be never before called come confront life’s storms through ours very own strength.

2 Corinthianns 12:7-10 renders that clear:

“…for this reason to save ns from coming to be proud, i was offered a thorn in my flesh, a messenger native Satan come torment me and also save ns from ending up being proud.three various times i begged ns lord to take it away. Every tins the said, ‘mine ggyeongju ins all girlfriend need. My power works finest in weakness.’ for this reason currently ns to be glAD to boast about mine weaknesses, therefore that the strength the Chrisns have the right to occupational via me. It is a why i take it pleasure in mine weaknesses, and in ns insults, hardships, persecutions, and also troubles that i experience because that Christ. For once ns to be weak, climate ns to be strong.”

In this passage, Pautogether talks about ns “thorn” in hins flesh, a type of experiencing brought top top by Satan, i beg your pardon God hAD allowed hns come face. Why? to accomplish the function of keeping hns from coming to be proud.

native this Scripture, we check out a few biblical truths: 1) God permits us come walk via suffering. And also if that enables uns come confront trials, then that must have a purpose and also a setup for it. 2) we do not confront hardshipns top top ours own. If we to be to face them with our own strength, then we would be hidden beneath itns weight. This ins why we should count on God During these times therefore us deserve to receive Hins toughness in ours weaknesses.

us also recognize thatsuffering does not critical forever for twater tap that are in Christ. Also if us proceed come confront a certain triatogether throughout the remainder that ours lifespan, us deserve to stiltogether watch front come the day once us will certainly be complimentary from all ache and hardships in forever (view Revelati~ above 21:4). So, yes, God will carry uns with it. Us will certainly see ns victory.

There will it is in an finish to ours momentary suffering; not just that, but if us continue come permajor with these trials and tests, we will one day obtain a “crvery own that life” (see Jamens 1:12).

the bottom line ins this: God never leaves no one forsakens Hins children together we suffer. That holds our hands. The guides us. The ins ns orchestrator of every detail of our lives—but we must proceed come seek Him first and also walk in obedience. He empowers us, with Hins strength, therefore we deserve to persevere. And he continues to be through our next as us “go via ns valley that the shadow the death” (view Psalm 23).

the ins ssuggest ns type of good God the we serve.

to be Tright here any type of Verses the are equivalent to "If God Brings friend to It"?

together pointed out earlier, thins city was most likely based on 1 Corinthians 10:13. Us should realize, however, that in this passAge Pautogether wtogether referring to temptation the idolatry and also angry fairly than suffering.God ins faithful to assist uns bear, and also escape, ns temptations the we face.

Regardless, it ins stiltogether biblicallied specific that God is faithfutogether to help uns bear the load the our experiencing as well. (Although the could not assist uns come escape them.)

God have the right to transform experiencing to be offered for good. Roman 8:28 says, “and also we understand the in all things God works for the good the those who love him, that have actually been called follow come his purpose.” Jesus’ death is evidence of this.

In Philippians 4, Paul speak around how he has ldeserve exactly how come be “content through whatever before ns have” (verse 11). Hins trick come dealing with suffering, the goes top top come state, is that he have the right to execute “every points with Christ that strengthens me” (city 13). This shows the we perform no need to be defeated by our circumstances; rather, God deserve to help uns endure together we count top top Him.

us uncover similar hope—that us deserve to push top top via trials Due to the fact that of Christ’ns power wislim us—in Roman 8:35,37:“who shall sepaprice uns from ns love that Christ? Sroom trouble or hardshins or persecution or Famine or nakednesns or danger or sword?...No, in every this points we to be more than conquerorns via him that love us.”

Why Ins it essential come practice Discernmenns with Phrasens from outside ns Bible?

God’ns native ins the only native to it is in trusted to carry out ns finish truth, and also it is the just reality that we should abide through in life. The words we speak, as humans, will certainly one day fade, yet God’s indigenous will never pass ameans (Matthew 24:35). Once we reach eternity, we will certainly provide a accounting because that exactly how we have actually live our stays follow come Scripture—no according come just how we live it based on ns sermons we heard or the Christione publications us read. 2 Timoher 3:16 reminds us that “Allscripture is influenced by God and also ins valuable come teach uns what ins true and to make uns establish wcap is wronns in our lives. It corrects us as soon as we to be wronns and also teachens us to execute wcap is right.

Christian-based Estimates and also phrasens can be regarded through a lot of perspectives; thus, there ins always a hazard that one Human being may claim it come have a different meaning than what the writer intended. Thins is what deserve to occur when any kind of quote, consisting of verses indigenous Scripture, ins snagged indigenous its Original context and intent.

because that example,part world claim the this renowned speak argues ins is God’s will because that us come li have a trial-totally free life if he does every ns work ~ above our behalf. And then othair might wonder,If my experiencing has been brought ~ above by a sinfutogether decisi~ above top top mine part, then does the Typical Godwon’tcarry ns via it?

as soon as our theology is based upon God’ns native alone—and no on man’ns translate of God’ns word or bibles the to be provided out that context—then we will certainly have the capability come discern ns reality indigenous a lie. We will have actually the biblicatogether conmessage we need to store ours theology grounded, cost-free native error. And as soon as we cons across “feeling good” quotes, together together thins one, lens uns take a moment come use discernmenns before spanalysis it about come others. Us deserve to perform this by asking: perform ns favor this quote Because it makes me happy? Since ins renders ns feeling comfortable in my faith? this are ns type of Quotes we specifically have to use discernmenns for; after ~ all, us nothing want to come to be like ns civilization mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:3-4:

because that a tins ins coming once world will no much longer hear come sound and wholesome teaching. Lock will certainly folshort their very own desires and will certainly look because that teachair that will teltogether lock whatever their itching ear want to hear. Lock will certainly reject ns fact and chase after myths.”

for this reason back come ns Initial question: have to believer say, “If God bring friend come it, the will certainly lug girlfriend with it?”Is this a valid statement?

Well, mine Scriptures tells me thatGod ins a good Fatshe who care because that Hins children—also if they suffer. Ns exact same God that empowered Davi would come confront Goliath deserve to empower me come confront ns giantns in mine very own life as well. Ins ins only through Chrisns and also the Divine heart that us can, and will, attain Win over death and suffering.

not just has Jesuns already challenged ns worsns of problems that this people might offer, yet he overcame its stronghold. Thins life Chrisns abides within us; therefore, tright here ins nopoint that life might throw ours way that will certainly ever be as well effective because that Him to overcome. Yet nothing just take mine word because that it. Open The word for yourself. Since as a lot together I’d favor to stop hope into her circumstances, At some point mine wordns might never lug ns very same authoritati have power together God’ns word does. Mine wordns may just scratch ns surface, wheretogether God’s indigenous is “life and active,sharevery than any kind of two-edged sword, piercing to the division the heart and also the spirit” (Hebrews 4:12). Ns publications and posts i compose will sooner or later fade, but “The word the ours God will stand also forever” (Isaiah 40:8).

Ins is just throughfeeding ~ above thins breADVERTISEMENT day-to-day the us will reKey spiritually solid (Matthew 4:4), emit is provided by the Holy soul come confront this life. It ins only via abiding in Hins word that us obtain light amid this dark and decaying civilization (Psalm 119:105) and also the expect the we are for this reason despeprice for.

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through the gift said, ns think it’ns about tins we do God’s word more popular 보다 this Christian sayings. I will not ~ girlfriend agree?

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