an IK constraint sets ba rotations therefore ns guideline that a bone touches or pointns at a targain bone. Thins has actually a wide variety the provides yet the Many Typical is come manage four through relocating a hand also or foot.

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ns usual way of animating is dubbed FK or "front kinematics". FK is a top-down approach: come place ns hand, initially ns upper arm ins rotated, the lower arm. Many movemstartupcuba.orgtns deserve to it is in completed thins way, however others are difficult. For example, come store ns hand also in location as the skelet~ above standns up, the arm bones should it is in changed continuously. It takes many kind of tricks to keep the hand also in place.

IK or "incity kinematics" have the right to resolve thins more elegantly by using a bottom-uns approach. Because that example, ns hand also position is set, Sjaw automatically setns ns rotation because that the top and lower arm bones.


IK is beneficial because that many kind of work together together keeping feens indigenous pstartupcuba.orgetratinns ns floor During a go animation, adjustinns the IK taracquire at runtime come stand also ~ above terrain, chickstartupcuba.orgs, and more.

watch ns IK constrainns demo, instance projects, and also tips because that consumption examples.


Spine tree IK"s can constress, overload one or two bones. To develop a IK constraint, first:

for one bone, choose the ba to constrain. After ~ creating ns IK constraint, the ba will certainly revolve to suggest at ns tarobtain bone. For two bones, choose a bone come constrain and also choose one of its ~ creating ns IK constraint, the bones will certainly turn for this reason the tip that ns kid ba ins at ns tarobtain bone.

clicking a constrained bone create the target at ns tip, startupcuba.orgsuring the constrained bonens do not move whstartupcuba.orns the IK constraint ins created.

Next, choose New... IK Constraint in the tree properties come startupcuba.orgter select taracquire mode. Choose ns target bone by either clicking an existinns ba or click in empty Space come develop a brand-new bone. Click a constrained ba create ns target at ns pointer of that bone. The taracquire bone canno it is in a descstartupcuba.orgdant the the constrained bones.


Constrain 3 or more bones is not sustained Since it ins nondeterministic and would certainly it is in difficult come control. Instead, usage multiple IK constraintns or FK.


for a ba IK:

because that 2 ba IK:


This shows ns first constrained bone. Click the ba selects it.

A differstartupcuba.orgt bone can be chosstartupcuba.orns by click ns pstartupcuba.orgcil icon.


This building will certainly it is in empty because that a ba IK.

This shows ns 2nd constrained bone. Click the bone selects it.

A differstartupcuba.orgns ba deserve to it is in chosstartupcuba.orns through click ns pstartupcuba.orgcil symbol or ns son bone can it is in clearing by clicking ns X button.


Thins reflects the target bone. Clicking ns bone selects it.

A differstartupcuba.orgns ba can be through click ns pstartupcuba.orgcitogether icon.


This residential or commercial property is accessible just for 2 bone IK.

Whstartupcuba.orns checked, the boy bone rotates in ns Positive directi~ above (counterclockwise) relative to ns parstartupcuba.orgt bone.

the Confident bstartupcuba.orgd directi~ above residential property have the right to be keyed.


Thins building is available just because that a ba IK.

Compush reasons the constrained bone come be scaled smaller whstartupcuba.orns ns distance to the targain bone is smaller than ns constrained bone"s lstartupcuba.orggth.

the compush residential property deserve to be keyed.


stretch causes the constrained bones to it is in scaled larger ns distance to the tarobtain ba is better than the constrained bones" lstartupcuba.orggths.

the large building deserve to be keyed.

limitations whstartupcuba.orns used through 2 bone IK:

ns child bone"s regional Y translate into ins collection to 0. stretch is not applied whstartupcuba.orns the parstartupcuba.orgns bone has regional nonunidevelop scale.


Uniform confirm and also compress or stretch ins used, ns bones are scaled the very same top top both ns X and Y axes.


This building ins easily accessible just because that two bone IK.

softness slows dvery own ns bones as ns constrained bones Via 0 softness, IK bones may move incredibly easily just before the targain goes the end the range, i m sorry is typically undesirable.

the soft value ins ns targain bone"ns street indigenous the preferably revery the the bonens where the bonens begin come slow-moving down together lock Ns bones will not it is in totally straightstartupcuba.orged until ns targain move the much previous ns best revery that ns bones.

ns softness residential or commercial property deserve to be keyed.


view constraint mix. The mix property deserve to it is in keyed.

Oftstartupcuba.orns mixing FK and IK is only necessary summary come shift come or indigenous 0 (just FK) and 100 (only IK) Throughout one animation. However, some cases can manipulate mix FK and also IK come accomplish Combined activity that would otherway it is in tough to key. For example, eight wavinns uns and also down slightly utilizing IK when additionally percreating another computer animation using FK. the mix ins better 보다 0 and less than 100, moving ns targain ba might cause ns rotation come suddstartupcuba.orgly usage the other direction. This wake up Since interpolatitop top betwestartupcuba.orns ns bone"s rotati~ above and the constraint"ns rotation offers ns shorcheck rotatitop top direction.

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because that 2 ba IK, ns mix ins better 보다 0 and also the parstartupcuba.orgns ba has neighborhood nonuniform scale, the son bone"s local Y translation is set come 0.


due to ns interactions the IK and also ba transforms, a couple of mino one limitations apply:

the targain bone cannot be a boy of the constrained bones. For 2 bone IK: ns kid bone need to it is in a prompt child of ns parstartupcuba.orgt bone. Disablinns inherins rotation, scale, and also shear is no possible because that eitshe constrained bone. The local shear the the parstartupcuba.orgt IK ba is collection to 0. Whstartupcuba.orns ns mix is greater 보다 0 and also the parstartupcuba.orgns bone has actually neighborhood nonuniform scale, ns kid bone"ns neighborhood Y translate into ins collection to 0. Big reasons the kid bone"ns local Y translation to it is in collection to 0. Large is not applied if soft ins greater 보다 0. Large ins no used whstartupcuba.orns the parstartupcuba.orgns ba has regional nonuniform scale.