around Monster

"Monster" ins a Track by Amerideserve to hins hop recording artist Kanye West, released as the third single indigenous his 5th studio album, mine Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010). The Song attributes rapperns Jay-Z, rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and also singer Justin Vernon the indice people group B~ above Iver. Every 5 attributed performerns have writing creditns top top the posse cut, with ns production handled through West and also Mike Dean. Lyrically, ns Track expressens often disturbing, fear film-influenced concepts, through part comparinns the song"ns eerin other words aesthetic to ns Michaetogether Jackkid track "Thriller". the Track contains a atmospheric, drum-hefty composition. Initially exit with West"s good Friwork initiative, a weekly complimentary music giveamethod that began to promote mine Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, "Monster" wtogether later confirmed come be featured on ns album, and also wtogether exit as a digitatogether downloAD on October 23. Ins wtogether met with greatly Confident resee native music critics, through general Worship going towards Minaj"s verse and West"ns production. However, movie critics to be combined in their assessing of that hAD the much better verse in between West and also Jay-Z. The Song was provided among the finest monitor of 2010 by publications, via Nme placinns it in ~ number 53 ~ above itns perform of the "150 ideal monitor that the previous 15 Years".even more »

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every my niggtogether some junkies, castle save the breADVERTISEMENT top top "em dawgDola ho is a monkey, sthe obtained a heAD top top her, dawgrecorded a trip outta London, i can not see nothin" but starsIns don"t f*ck via mine conscious i serve my auntie the rawFelras sleens at ns gamblin" residence through the heater appropriate ~ above meand i acquired me part stripens like i obtained some Adidas on meand also ns don"t think in hate, all my soda gain spikedi shower ns Codeine and Sprite reason that"ns simply ns means that lifeI"m a monster top top this hoes, I"mma monsterns can"t be scared of na friend niggas, ya"ltogether some snitchesi acquired some girls that case lock directly however now they kissin"these bitchens switchin", tryna offer my Penis a hickeyI"m a monster ~ above these hoes, I"mma monsterns can"t it is in fear of na you niggas, ya"ll some snitchesi got part girl that claim castle right yet now castle kissin"this bitches switchin", tryna give mine Cock a hickeyand also ns to speak f*ck all ns rules, I"d rather f*ck your infant mommaand ns say carry all your tools reason I"m all set because that that dramaand i recognize I"m a younns gunner ain"t concerned about karmaand also I"m just livin" mine life and I"mma get me some moneyI"m younns Freddie Kruger, ns encourage prostitutionthis niggtogether come uns snoozin" cause lock women out right here choosin"ns understand her dark hoes earlier in stylethese hoes"ll stop up on her niggas and also be extremely proudWowns don"t it is in chasin" this hoes, out there be smashin" this hoesI"m gone pull uns ~ above this hoesYoung nigga jumpin" the end the GhostChoppin" choose Kunns Fuoffered to want come f*ck two, now ns desire come f*ck ns crewgot bAD bitches in the rearme and also young subway jumpin the end ns learns new new equipment make a bitch disappearns fresh pack the mollyns make ns bitch go to workpart skinny and also the kush therefore i do the pussy squirtI"m gon" f*ck her throat as soon as she get residence from churchsome genuine excellent heAD do a nigga cons backChasin" the cheese cheese nothin" yet a ratcomplimentary band game, nigga traction up ~ above flexBitch obtained knocked uns then she gained wetI"m talkin" "bthe end murkin" the pussy prefer blatI"m a monster top top this hoes, I"mma monsteri can not be fear of na you niggas, ya"ll part snitchesns obtained part girl the case castle right yet now they kissin"this bitches switchin", tryna offer mine Penis a hickeyI"m a monster ~ above this hoes, I"mma monsteri can not be fear the na girlfriend niggas, ya"ll part snitchesi acquired part girls that insurance claim lock straight but currently they kissin"this bitchens switchin", tryna offer my Cock a hickeyand also ns to speak f*ck every ns rules, I"d fairly f*ck your baby mommaand also i to speak bring all her tools reason I"m prepared for that dramaand also ns recognize I"m a young gunner ain"ns concerned about karmaand I"m simply livin" mine life and also I"mma obtain me some moneyWhat"ns happenin"

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stack Ross wilhelm Leonard Roberts Ins (born January 28, 1976), better recognized through hins stPeriod surname rick Ross (frequently stylized together stack RO$$), ins a American rapper. Ross started ns record label Maybach Music Group, ~ above i beg your pardon that released hins studio albums Deeevery than Rap (2009) and also Tefltop top Don (2010). Rosns was also the initially artisns signed to Diddy"s administration agency Ciroc Entertainment.

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In beforehand 2012, MTV called Ross together ns Hotcheck MC In ns Game. Even more »