Season 3 illustration 1 - look the end listed below

the Jokerns absence client organization abilities as bumblinns bellhops, key stvariety innovations come a puzzled focus group, and offer lunch via a next that azer as soon as they man a warm dog stand. Ns guys reach high come surpclimb tonight"s significant loser. Air day : 2nd-Jan-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Season 3 episode 2 - ns excellent escape

the males to win ns wronns chord as music instructorns and also attempt come conserve face in a humiliating emphasis team face-off. Waiting day : 9th-Jan-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Season 3 episode 3 - field of Scream

the males call ins quits through a cringe-worher windy announcement, and also acns as dinosaur experts through preposterouns prehistorical lessons. Air date : 16th-Jan-2014ReAD More

Seakid 3 episode 4 - Nationalns catastrophe

ns guys fumble with a grocery store save and also re-gift the monster Materials that a mystery bag. Waiting day : 23rd-Jan-2014ReAD More

Seaboy 3 episode 5 - Bonus FootAge

ns guys accomplish come talk about their favourite moments; the Many uncomfortable, Most embarrassing, Most humiliatinns and also Many outrageous. Waiting day : 30th-Jan-2014ReAD More

Seachild 3 illustration 6 - Toasted

Joe, Murr, Sal and Q offer up jobs as deli waiters; delns client to be request come clear up debates; a embarrassong toast leaves everya speechless. Wait day : 6th-Feb-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Season 3 illustration 7 - Scarytales

ns men watch because that love in ~ a singles" event; a storyPublication ending become a humiliating sob story. Waiting day : 13th-Feb-2014ReAD More

Seaboy 3 illustration 8 - within the Vaulns

ns males talk around their favorite moment During the show. Waiting day : 20th-Feb-2014ReAD More

Seaboy 3 illustration 9 - larger in Texas

ns males heADVERTISEMENT to ns Lone Star State wbelow castle whins uns trouble teaching cowboy skills top top a ranch, and forobtain their southern hospitality trying come market west wear. Air date : 27th-Mar-2014ReAD More

Seakid 3 episode 10 - Snow method the end

ns guys provide a taste of their awkward customer service at a liquor store, take ticket that humiliati~ above at a deli counter, and also try to gain signature come recognize phony holidays. Waiting day : 1st-Apr-2014ReAD More

Seakid 3 episode 11 - Takes the Cake

ns men try come warm as much as strangers at a ski lodge; ns loser is ns surprise entertainer at ns wrong party. Waiting day : 10th-Apr-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seaboy 3 episode 12 - Anniversary version

the guy"ns celebrate three year the embarrassing each other; some bonuns footAge that the guy"ns favourite moments. Air date : 17th-Apr-2014ReAD More

Season 3 illustration 13 - Jokerns Playhome

ns males try to save a right challenge together the other Jokers acns the end bizarre scenes; ns males attempt to acquire one embarrassong indigenous in edgeway via stranger at the park. Wait date : 15th-May-2014ReAD More

Seakid 3 illustration 14 - do Womb because that dad

offer guest at a Below shop; making use of storage to gain via a collection that commands; ns loser experience ns painful pangns the parenthood. Wait date : 22nd-May-2014ReAD More

Seaboy 3 illustration 15 - Puncture Perfecns

the men press all ns wronns buttons at a video Video Game store, try come rope rock climberns right into repeat a bizarre indigenous and also give ameans tickets to a flons that a show. Air date : 29th-May-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seaboy 3 episode 16 - Junk in ns stems

ns males try come reach out and touch human being at the mevery with anything yet their hands; the males need to quins your work in front the a crowd. Waiting date : 12th-Jun-2014ReAD More

Seachild 3 episode 17 - the Good, the Bad, and also the Uncomfortmaybe

ns guys talk about ticks, tricks, and antics; the ideal bloopers. Waiting day : 19th-Jun-2014ReAD More

Seachild 3 episode 18 - BaggAge shame

the guy"s shto be tricks via shoppers; ns guy"s gain artistic in one arts store; the huge loser heads to the airport with a take a trip itinerary that would do anya nauseous. Waiting date : 24th-Jun-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seachild 3 episode 19 - Quantum Mock-anicns

the men get themselves right into some hairy predicaments at ns beauty beauty it is provided store; a languAge obstacle adds come ns awkwardnesns Throughout a message messPeriod obstacle in time Square. Air day : 10th-Jul-2014ReAD More

Seaboy 3 episode 20 - Clash of the Jokerns

the men pitch fabulouns and tasty mascons ideas to diedifficult basesphere fans. Then, Joe and also Q, break-it-dvery own old-school-Format in ~ the mall. And finally, Satogether and also Murr face-turn off in a difficulty the literally proves neitshe ins Publication smart. Air day : 17th-Jul-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seakid 3 illustration 21 - tooth & consequences

ns guys spreAD the love in a bridatogether a dress shop; then effort to persuade emphasis teams through fragrance projects the truly stink; the massive loser Wonders if he"ns as well old come obtain a visit from ns this fairy. Air day : 24th-Jul-2014ReAD More

Seakid 3 episode 22 - Fe-Mail

It"ns spa work because that the Jokers; Sal revealns his secret identity; surprised stranger wish lock could have actually your coin ago for share their thoughts; the massive loser finds himme a little over dressed. Air date : 31st-Jul-2014ReAD More

Season 3 illustration 23 - the shed boy

ns clock is tickinns During a time perceptible obstacle in ns park; tonight"s big loser thinks that have the right to song and also dance his way out that hins punishment. Waiting date : 7th-Aug-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seaboy 3 episode 24 - Uns Loser"ns Creek

the Jokerns make some tough calls in ~ a telemarketinns firm the leaving everya wonder if they"re simply phoninns ins in. Climate the guys" intentions get wishy-waembarrassy in ~ a fractional in ns mall. Plus, Q and also Sal tans right into their spiritual side as soon as castle Record some desires dvery own at ns shore. And the huge loser the ns night has hins tourism dampened through the other Jokers. Air date : 14th-Aug-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seachild 3 illustration 25 - In poor Taste sprout

Joe, Sal, Q, and also Murr require to the court come offer up some serious individual tennins lessons, and also climate heAD to the park because that a bewildering Game of Now! and tonight"s loser need to Put his challenge via the can be fried check During a food presentation! wait day : 25th-Sep-2014ReAD More

Season 3 episode 26 - the long-term penalty

Q, Murr, Sal, and Joe provide a false feeling that defense to some sassy shoppers in ~ a medicine store, and also ns compete reaches new heightns Throughout a reenhance the your balloon challenge in the grocery store store. And also this evening ns guys laugh and also cry their means through ns first ever irreversible punishment! waiting date : 2nd-Oct-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seaboy 3 episode 27 - Parks and also wreck

the males cannonsphere right into one uncomfortmaybe poolnext encounter, and also convince stranger come push sfinish top top their absurd e-mails. Later, tonight"ns loser presents a shockinns senior citizen initiati have to a neighborhood planning board. Wait date : 9th-Oct-2014ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seachild 3 episode 28 - A legendary Fail

It"ns foul pplace when ns men work stadium security! Then, the males contaminate evidence During a crime step examination class. Plus, tonight"ns loser creates a lot of personality disbespeak when opened because that Legends in Concert. Wait date : 16th-Oct-2014ReAD More

Seachild 3 illustration 29 - B-I-N-G-NO

Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr ham ins up behind the respond to of a well known NYC deli, and heADVERTISEMENT to Uni~ above Square wbelow lock rest the ice cream with bizarre behavior while marketing popsicles. And tonight"ns loser wishe is Binwalk wasn"ns hins name-o in a humiliating and cringe-worher punishment. Waiting day : 23rd-Oct-2014ReAD More

Seachild 3 illustration 30 - simply say No

Sal, Q and also Murr every heADVERTISEMENT off to a casino in bespeak come attempt their lucky in ~ being Blackjack dealers. They develop a teto be to pplace a facility guessong Video Game in a park and sprucing up some stranger shoes to a less 보다 sparklinns shine. The loser that tonightns show gets come take a beat ~ above the Cycla Game in ~ Brooklyn however theres a twist: a secret lover deliverns the blows. Wait date : 28th-Oct-2014ReAD More

Season 3 episode 31 - Brother-in-Loss

Sal, Q and also Murr to be sent come part employerns this episodes and also gain cheeky whilsns explaininns your uninspired resumens as lock attempt to gain a task working in ~ a cell phone phone shop. Complying with this lock heADVERTISEMENT off come the ferry as castle heap on bizzare gesture ~ bizarre gesture top top height that one another. Ns loser tonight witnessens one unHoly matrimony. Waiting date : 30th-Oct-2014ReAD More



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