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helps studentns carry out the math the writer believe the students Discover mathematics by doing math. The new editions construct upon your suffer in redesign, expand also the “writer in Action” Videos, and market a new video Notebook, i beg your pardon ins specifically beneficial in accelerated learning, emporium, and turning back class distribution methods. Easily accessible via MyLab™ Math, draft come engEra studentns and enhance results.

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This packAge is composed of ns textBook plus an accessibility kins for MyMathLab/MyStatLab.

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ns Sullivan/Struve/Mazzarella Algebra program ins draft come motivate studentns to “perform the math”— in ~ house or in ns lab—with a full suite the sources the support a variety the finding out environments. Instructorns can select the ideal combination of resources for their students:


MyMathLab provides a large variety of homework, tutorial, and evaluate tools that make it simple to manage her course online.


The Sullivan/Struve/Mazzarella Algebra program is designed to motivate students to “do the math”— at home or in the lab—through a full suite of resources that support a variety of learning environments.

  The text has been thoroughly updated with two goals in mind: more concise exposition and a friendlier, more open page design. The Sullivan examples and exercise sets are the hallmark features of this text: Sullivan Examples and Showcase Examples provide students with guidance and instruction when they need it most—when they are away from the instructor and the classroom.Sullivan examples feature a two-column format in which annotations are provided to the left of the algebra, mirroring the way that we read. The annotations explain what the authors are about to do in each step instead of what was just done. Showcase Examples provide how-to instruction in an easy-to-understand, 3-column format. The left column describes a step, the middle column provides a brief annotation, as needed, to explain the step, and the right column presents the algebra.Quick Check exercises follow most examples so students can apply what they have just learned. These are numbered as the first problems in each section’s exercise set, making them assignable as homework, and giving an easy way refer back to the relevant examples for extra help. With this revision, the authors have updated the Quick Checks to include more fill-in-the-blank and True/False questions to assess students’ understanding of vocabulary and formulas. Sullivan’s exercise sets provide students with ample practice of both procedures and concepts. The exercises are paired and offer problems of every possible derivative, while also providing a gradual increase in difficulty level. Exercise types include the following:“Are You Ready…” problems test students’ grasp of the prerequisite material for each new section. Building Skills exercises develop students’ understanding of the procedures and skills in working with the methods presented in the section. Mixed Practice exercises offer comprehensive skill assessment by asking students to relate multiple concepts or objectives. Applying the Concepts exercises ask students to apply the mathematical concepts to real-world situations.Extending the Concepts exercises go beyond the basics, using a variety of problems to sharpen students’ critical-thinking skills.Explaining the Concepts problems ask students to explain the concepts in their own words.Graphing calculator exercises are optional and may appear at the end of a section's exercise set.   NEW! The Video Notebook is an unbound, three-hole-punched workbook/note-taking guide that students use in conjunction with the Sullivan/Struve/Mazzarella “Author in Action” videos. The notebook helps them develop organized notes as they work along with the videos. A Video Guide for each section is organized by learning objective. Typically, there is one Author in Action video per objective, and students are asked to write down important definitions and procedures and work through key examples as they watch the video.The clean layout and ample space let students write out full definitions and show all work for the examples.The unbound, loose-leaf format allows students to insert additional notes from class and/or homework—so they can build a course notebook and good study skills for future classes!   Two MyMathLab® course options are now available: a standard course and a Ready to Go course. Standard MyMathLab courses allow instructors to build their course their way, offering maximum flexibility and complete control over all aspects of assignment creation.The new Ready to Go courses provide students with all the same great MyMathLab features, but make it easier for instructors to get started. Each course includes pre-assigned homework and quizzes to make creating a course even easier.Both course options offer the following:Increased exercise coverage, including full coverage of all Quick Check exercises.Newly updated Author in Action videos Video Notebook in PDF formatPre-made (and pre-assigned in the Ready to Go course) section-level homework assignmentsPremade chapter review quizzes that are pre-assigned in the Ready to Go course and generate personalized homework assignments based on students’ quiz results. Pre-made (and pre-assigned in the Ready to Go course) pre- and post-test for every chapterNEW! Accessibility enhancements continue’s commitment to make products accessible to as many students as possible. This latest course release is compatible with the JAWS screen reader, enabling print-disabled students to access and interact with numerous problems as noted by an icon within the assignment manager. The course also works with the ZoomText enlarger, and includes an HTML eBook that is compatible with JAWS and other Windows screen readers, allowing all students to access the same text, at the same place, and at the same price. Additionally, all videos include subtitles.  ">


the Sullivan/Struve/Mazzarella Algebra
program ins draft to motivate studentns come “do ns math”— at residence or in ns lab—via a complete suite the resources the support a range that finding out environments.


ns text has actually been thoaround updated through two goals in mind: more concise explace and a friendlier, more open pPeriod design. The Sullivalve Examples and also exercise setns to be the hallmark attributes that thins text:

Sullivan Examples and Showcase Examples administer students via guidance and instruction when lock require ins most—once lock are away native the instructor and also the classroom.Sullivalve examples attribute a two-Obelisk format in i m sorry annotation to be offered come ns left that the algebra, mirrorinns the way the we read. The annotation describe what ns authors to be about come carry out in every action insteAD of what was just done. Showcase Examples provide how-to accuse in an easy-to-understand, 3-Column format. Ns left Shaft explains a step, ns Middle Tower provides a Quick annotation, as needed, come define the step, and the best Column presents the algebra.Fast examine exercises folshort Most Instances so studentns can use wcap lock have actually just learned. This are numbered as ns initially problems in each section’ns practice set, making castle assignmay be together homework, and giving a basic method express back come the relevant Examples for extra help. Through thins revision, the authors have actually update the Rapid checks come incorporate more fill-in-the-empty and True/False inquiries come assess students’ understanding that vocabulary and formulas. Sullivan’s exercise sets carry out studentns with ample exercise the both steps and also concepts. Ns exercises to be combine and also market troubles that eincredibly feasible derivative, while likewise giving a progressive increase in obstacle level. Practice kinds incorporate the following:“are girlfriend Ready…” troubles check students’ understand of ns prerequiwebsite product for each new section. structure Skills practice construct students’ expertise that ns procedures and also skills in working with the techniques presented in ns section. blended Practice practice market in-depth skill evaluate through asking students come reso late multiple ideas or objectives. applying ns Concepts practice questioning studentns come apply the mathematicatogether principles to real-human being situations.Extfinishing ns Concepts practice walk beyond ns basics, utilizing a variety the difficulties to sharpen students’ critical-reasoning skills.Explaining ns Concepts problems questioning studentns to define the concepts in your own words.Graphinns calculator practice are optionatogether and might show up at ns finish that a section"ns exercise set.


NEW! the videotape Notebook is an unbound, three-hole-punchead workbook/note-acquisition overview that students usage in associate via ns Sullivan/Struve/Mazzarella “author in Action” videos. The noteBook helps them construct organized notes as lock occupational in addition to the videos.

A videotape Guide for every section is arranged through learning objective. Typically, there is a writer in activity video tape per objective, and students are inquiry come create dvery own essential meanings and measures and also work-related through key Instances together lock watch the video.

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the clean laythe end and ample space let students create out full definitions and also show all job-related for the examples.ns unbound, loose-leaf format allows students come insert additional note indigenous course and/or homework—for this reason they have the right to build a food notePublication and excellent research abilities because that future classes!


standard MyMathLab process enable instructorns to construct their food your way, supplying best flexibility and complete manage over all aspects the assignmenns creation.the brand-new prepared come Go process carry out students through all the exact same excellent MyMathLAbdominal muscle features, yet make ins less complicated because that instructorns to get started. Each food consists of pre-assigned homework-related and quizzens to do creating a food even easier.Both course options offer ns following:increased exercise coverage, consisting of complete coverPeriod of every Fast check exercises.freshly updated writer in action videos video tape Notebook in PDF formatPre-made (and pre-assigned in the all set come walk course) section-levetogether homeoccupational assignmentsPremake thing review quizzes that to be pre-assigned in ns prepared to walk food and generate personalized homework assignments based on students’ quiz results. Pre-made (and also pre-assigned in ns all set to walk course) pagain- and also post-test because that eexceptionally chapterNEW! accessibility enhancements proceed’s commitment come make assets easily accessible come together many students as possible. Thins recent food relax is compatible through the JAWs display screen reader, allowing print-disabled studentns come access and also interact with plenty of problems as detailed through one icon within ns assignment manager. Ns course also works with ns Zoommessage enlarger, and includes a HTMl eBook the is compatible with JAWns and various other windows display readers, allowing every studentns come accessibility ns same text, at ns exact same place, and also at ns very same price. Additionally, every videons incorporate subtitles.